Lady Gaga vs. Britney Spears: Who Will Rule 2011?

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As she announced earlier via pants-less Twitter pic, Lady Gaga has a new album out this spring. But she'll have some serious competition as she looks to cement her place as the reigning queen of pop music and culture:

Britney Spears.

Gaga's single, "Born This Way," is due out next month, with her album of the same name set for May. Britney's album is scheduled for a March release.

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Britney Spears, Short Shorts

Which pop queen will conquer music in 2011?

Which bombshell will rise to the top of the heap? Can they deliver truly cutting-edge music or will they rely on their persona to carry them forward?

On top of musical similarities, the two have rabid fan bases (Gaga, Justin Bieber and Britney have the most Twitter fans worldwide, in that order).

While Gaga's image is unique and experimental, she's still so new to the scene that it's hard to know what to expect in terms of her musical style.

The same is true, oddly enough, of Britney. Despite being a seasoned vet, she's so micromanaged that musically, she's now a veritable blank slate.

These new Britney song lyrics were leaked, but would anything she does fail to satisfy her fans? Spears is as bulletproof as they come in this era.

Because The Fame was so groundbreaking and so fresh, the pressure is more on Gaga to produce something of comparable cultural significance.

Both will rack up huge sales because people are invested in them. Even if the albums are merely average, fans want them to succeed as people.

But if either superstar comes out with an album that's edgy, catchy, different and brilliant on its own merit, that's who will rule the year in music.

What do you think? Whose album will fare better this year?


britney is queen of pop her hold it agains me was still number one and gaga born this way vid i dont like but song was ok nothing like britney hold it against me thats way britney was 2011 queen of pop britney spears


hey britney is bestttt and gaga flop flop way cuz britney hold it against me was better than gaga bron this way my vote for britney


Im from oz,i can only tell you what i think will happen here in australia.I think gaga will sell like hotcakes here,as she has a much bigger following than britney.I also think britneys new album will debut really high on the charts,then die a death,whereas gaga will sell a vast amount,and stay in the charts for a long time.In australia,britney will have another hit or two,but her records are more likely to go lead before they go multi platinum,especially now,that shes been around for a long time.
Here in oz,pink is a MUCH bigger star than britney,and sells 10 times the amount of records spears does,and also beyonce,katy perry,rihanna,kelly clarkson and even keisha are more popular than brit.Yes brit does have a fan base,and still manages to have hits,but shes also seen as passe,and isnt likely to be huge anymore.People are well and truly over her.But before any of britneys fans jump down my throat, remember im talking about australia,not the world.peace.


britney is the queen 4ever.....!
Gaga is the new singer so she coming on strong...!
but people around the world think-Britney is the queen 4ever..............


Ladygaga is fuckin' man,,,she/he so weird Most Thristy Any Attention.Britney shes queen make change of Music Of Pop.Shes sold album already over 100 million copies.


Gaga=talent+2 grammy award in a year+6 nomimee in 2011 because it's for life,love,children,teens,men,women! I like born this way so much,i love xtina too! Both Tina and Gaga are talents,brit is autotune machine
Britney=lip sync+autotune+sexy dirty+1 grammy for 12 year because she can't write her own song and the lyric is not for life


britney the one and only..! Fuck lady garbage.


Gaga is surely more talented,but its not really about talent in this industry.lets get 10 years back,christina has always been way more talented than britney,but britney always outsold her.cause her fans were crazy enough to buy her albums even when they were just average.there's nothing new about britney,shes still singin about being sexually attracted to a boy in hold it against me,the same way she did in toxic,ooh baby and far as gaga is concerned,she bought me something different with songs like bad romance,dance in the dark and alejandro ,and i dont even want to talk about live vocal,obviously i'm gonna stand with Lady Gaga,but if you'll ask me to bet my dollars,i'll be on the britney side,i know she'll sell more.i have turned the big 18 seeing britney's game .


Lady Gaga what? Unique and experimental? ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah Are u kidding me? Lady Gaga is just a copycat! She's ripping off Madonna (the only and true queen of pop...forever!!!!!) , she's ripping off Robyn, Roisin Murphy, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie etc...! She's a talentless copycat! What about Britney? She's being around since more than 10 years, she sold more than 100 million records worldwide, she's a the legend after Micheal Jackson and Madonna (king & queen of pop), she's original and she doesn't need to copy anybody....she already beated that fake copycat!!!! Britney shits over men gaga!


Simon First of all Britney Has wroten Alot of songs- Like 'Everytime', "Dear Diary""Lonely""Anticipating""Cinderella""Let Me Be""That's Where You Take Me""Before the Goodbye""Me Against the Music""Showdown""Early Mornin'""Touch of My Hand""The Hook Up""Shadow""Brave New Girl""Ooh Ooh Baby""Freakshow""Mmm Papi""Mannequin""My Baby"

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