Lady Gaga, Eminem to Perform at Grammy Awards

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The 53rd Grammy Awards are set for February 13, and some of the biggest names in music - Lady Gaga and Eminem among them - are set to perform.

Eminem leads with 10 nominations, while Gaga has six. Other nominees performing are Miranda Lambert, Katy Perry, Arcade Fire and Cee Lo Green.

It's unclear what they'll perform, but in Gaga's case, look for a bombastic rendition of "Born This Way," which is set for release around that date.

Here's a remix of some of the vocals from the much-anticipated title track to her new album, which will also be featured on Glee in the near future:


Agreed,Stacey! And infact i hate this 'real music' shit that these haters use nowadays.first of all,they themselves have no knowledge of music,and then,everyone's gonna listen to what sounds good to their ears,whether its metal or electropop.


It sucks how critics praise this lady's talent,but common people,who dont know the 'm' of music call her 'talentless'.really,get a life you stupid dumbass jealous losers!


please guys stop talking trash about lady gaga or anybody!
this is entertainment! this is art! you guys are fuckin idiot!
as long there are people who feels entertained, it's OK!
it's art! it's relative! it's clear that you all are just envy because you don't have the fame and money like the stars! i feel sorry for you! you guys SUCKS! FUCK YOU!


U guys are really trying


Lady gaga is the biggest upset to the music industry. Not only does her music suck her face is enough to scare anybody.


And three more fine additions to the freak show Grammy. This is entertainment?

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