Lady Gaga Drops Pants, Album Release Date

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If you love Lady Gaga and hate pants, and frankly those two things are fairly universal at THG world headquarters, you'll enjoy this brief article.

The singer Tweeted the photo of herself taken from the rear. Promoting her upcoming album, she dons a jacket emblazoned with Born This Way.

She is, naturally, wearing no pants OR underwear ...

Lady Gaga Sans Pants

BARE ESSENTIALS: Lady Gaga shows off her assets as she announces when Little Monsters around the world can expect another album full of hit songs.

"The Song 2 13 11. The Record 5 23 11," she Tweeted. "Born This Way" is set to be the first song to be released on the album of the same name.

"I'm beautiful in my way. God makes no mistakes, I'm on the right track baby. I was Born This Way," Gaga wrote, echoing her record's theme.

We were born to get in line 2/13. With no pants. Man those things suck.


You're all TOTALLY ok with Lady Gaga flashing her ass, but if Miley Cyrus shows her legs and her stomach, you call her a slut.


i love lady gaga she is not scared to do anything. she will let it all hang out and not even care what people think


@pak31 Aww someone is butthurt and jealous because she is pretty and very sexy and their not, the jealousy rages on.


WOw that is all it takes? Scary. She has a huge beak and a man face yet the guys want her because of a cheek. She is a freak and a half.


that is one awesome jacket and nice butt of Gaga's!!!!!
that chick is so crazy to drop her pants!!!
that'd be one reason why i luv her so much!


Damn she's got a nice round ass, id bang her anyday, she is so hot.

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