Kyle Richards to Camille Grammer: Don't Go!

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Unless this is all a negotiating ploy, which is entirely plausible, Camille Grammer will likely exit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after this season.

A day after talk about the reality star's departure first surfaced, her lawyer has officially negotiated a settlement with Bravo that will allow his client to walk away with no repercussions.

What Bad Grammer

How does Kyle Richards, Grammer's top rival on the series, feel about this news? You might be surprised.

"Would I want her to be there [if there was another season]? Yes, I would," Richards tells E! News. "I know that we're very different and we're like oil and water together, but I can't help but think what she's going through in her personal life might have something to do with that. It'd be interesting to see what happens when things in her life have calmed down a bit and maybe we can work things out a little better."

Sources say Grammer won't announce her departure until after Bravo airs its post-season reunion special. Do you wanna see her go?


I can't help this feeling that all of Camille's moves are carefully calculated. Especially the dinner. Everything is about the money and 4 NANNY's PLEASE step up to the plate and be a real Mom!! There's just something there that seems sneaky and very move is strategically thought out. But I could be wrong and she could be a real sweet person and a great Mom all we see is what is edited.


Nahhhhh... the show would be boring without the bitSh.

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