Kyle Richards to Camille Grammer: Don't Go!

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Unless this is all a negotiating ploy, which is entirely plausible, Camille Grammer will likely exit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after this season.

A day after talk about the reality star's departure first surfaced, her lawyer has officially negotiated a settlement with Bravo that will allow his client to walk away with no repercussions.

What Bad Grammer

How does Kyle Richards, Grammer's top rival on the series, feel about this news? You might be surprised.

"Would I want her to be there [if there was another season]? Yes, I would," Richards tells E! News. "I know that we're very different and we're like oil and water together, but I can't help but think what she's going through in her personal life might have something to do with that. It'd be interesting to see what happens when things in her life have calmed down a bit and maybe we can work things out a little better."

Sources say Grammer won't announce her departure until after Bravo airs its post-season reunion special. Do you wanna see her go?

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Yes, she's such a fuckin bitch!


Camille is hot...she just needs a good man around to fully take care of her..something sissy Frazier could not do. Camille is a real hot vibrant chic who would not spend two minutes fighting with kyle if she was getting what she needed. I would be glad to have Camille as my wife. I bet she is good to her man. besides all of that, she seems caring and very nurturing as a mother. I hope she cleans out Kelseys bank, especially since she saved the drunk bisexuals life. Camille, keep your chin up. You are great.


Camille is the best character on this show. Her timing is superb. She is youthful, has a great figure, is self centered, which I like. The rest of them are boring, dependent whiners who are so high school which figures, because she is the only one who went to college. Stay!


I want Camille to stay. She sometimes says some self-centered things but that's probably because she really did suspect there was something wrong with her relationship when her husband went to New York. I feel bad for her that she must have been suffering and scared for a while. THat might have been why she said she wouldn't want to move to New York full time. She probably already knew she couldn't and was saving face. I like her better now than in the beginning because I feel some empathy.


Camille is a card-carrying twat and as phony as they come - There's plenty of room for her hawking cheap-ass workout equipment or battery operated marital aids on QVC if she feels a need for more exposure....


let her go please!!!!!!!


I want her to stay. Yes, she is spoiled! She thinks she is better than everybody and its silly to think that. However, if she chose to have her kids via a surrogate and has 4 nannies, well that really is her business. Who are we to judge? I like the drama she brings to the show. She is entertaining. Kyle is a bully and very catty and a hater and I can't stand her but I wouldn't want her to go either. It makes for good tv. Camille is going to be one rich woman. She is getting $50,000,000 in her divorce settlement. Why wouldn't Maricio want to maintain a good business relationship with her. Camille, please stay.


Well I know its a tv show but she looks like such a asssssss. The poor little kids. Kelsey get ur kids out of there. They will be better with u. Be a good dad let the kids be kids and show them what real people r like.


Wooww!! I don't want to see Camille go. YES, she has 4 Nannies, YES, she had a surrogate, but she does add something to this show that keeps us watching!! Because she's filthy rich and spoiled is no reason to innialate her when she's down!! Come on!! Allison was right about Kyle being a bully like the cheer leaders in school. She has to have her crew with her to fight. Kyles soo jealous.


She can go and take the Salahi's (D.C.) with her!!! Besides, I find Adrienne and her husband to be one of the best parts of the show! They are hilarious!! I say give Lisa and Adrienne their own sitcom and send the rest packing with Camille.