Kyle Richards on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Feud: Second Worst Time Ever!

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There was a sisterly spat on this week's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season finale, and that may be more of an understatement than saying Justin Bieber has a passionate fan base.

Kyle and Kim Richards absolutely went at it inside a limo, screaming over long-simmering grudges and personal family issues, such as the latter's battle with alcohol. It's worth watching:

At the conclusion of the episode, Bravo told viewers that Kim checked in and out of rehab in the week following events from the finale.

What is Kyle's reaction to this trauma? She took to her network blog today and expressed remorse, regret and love for her sibling:

After this horrible argument between Kim and I, we didn’t speak for a long time. My heart was broken and I suffered an incredible amount of anxiety and panic attacks. Next to losing my mother, this was the most difficult time of my life. It is so difficult for me to even write about it now.

The details of what happened with Kim after that night, is her story to tell. I will not go into that here. I do want to say that I have learned a lot about my sister and myself during the taping of this show. I have been able to look at our relationship from an outsider’s point of view.

I’ve realized that my pain and worrying about her comes off as anger. It was not helping Kim or our relationship. I love my sister and only want the best for her. Kim knows that.

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It is really difficult to watch Kyle's constant judgement and berading of Kim.... I feel so bad for Kim, there is no doubt Kim suffers post traumatic stress/anxiety stemming from her fiancees murder, and to have a sister bully you into situations of confrontation and ASK YOU TO BE ON A REALITY SHOW? Is this a joke.. the only word Kyle knows is 'I'. If you know your sister is suffering from a disease why do you bully her so much... and to state that your mother god forbid died worrying about Kim - my gosh and she thinks Camille has a Jesus complex... what type of support is that?-just disgusting.. Kyle talk about adding 'fuel to the fire.' Who needs enemies if you have a sister like that.


Kyle was very mean to Kim on these episodes, it was almost as if she wanted attention from her friends and she did not care how about Kim's feelings at all. To Kyle always remember and never forget blood is thicker than water and you should never ever take someone else's side over family; especially someone like Taylor!!!!


Kyle, I'm glad we all know what a malicious, egotistical, conniving, miserable person you are now. Good luck trying to win over anyone in the future. If I see you on the street, I'll be sure to laugh in your pathetic face.


Kyle is a bully and Taylor the trouble maker. She is jealous that her sister Kim was indeed a child STAR. I remember her from TV and movies while I was growing up. While Kyle may have been a child actor in a few commercials who minor roles never achieved Kim's sucess. Let's face it when they announced the line up for BH Housewives who had ever heard of Kyle Richards? Camille has her out classed. Just look at that seen in the limo Kyle's behavior and foul mouth...she is trash with money. Taylor is the common denominator in both of this seasons big fights. She set off Camille and she jumped on Kim at the party set off that ordeal.


Kyle is a pushy bully, leader of the mean girl click. She is lucky Kim has so much class and didn't out her tonight. Kyle can't accept criticism and has a huge EGO. FYI Kyle, Paris is a druggie loser so 2007




Kyle needs to deal with her EGO. It's so big it's overwhelming her.
Whenever we say about someone she's nasty this, jealous that, we need to put up a mirror, and look back at where WE are a description of these points. And by the way folks, no need to wish her bad things, she already suffers. Now way one is happy when she continuously snaps at other, belittles them, gets angry and self-righteous.


Kyle needs a new wardrobe/stylist because her attire on every episode so far has been atrocious. Yes, what is with those sleeves? Does no one ever tell her that her outfits for all the events are ughhhly... I'm sorry but even Kim (who seems the poorest of them all, but the sweetest) has better taste/style than Kyle. And so what if Kim doesn't know how to apply proper makeup, actually Kim is naturally pretty and does not need all that makeup. I don't know what the rest of these women see in Kyle as she seems like she's one of those that are "keeping up with the jones's" and doesn't really have it. I believe Camille is right about Kyle. Kyle need to cut off that hair, it makes her look like ELVIRA.


Kyle is nothing more than a jealous bully. She bullies because she is a pure fake with nothing to offer the show or the world other than experience bearing children...whoopie. I have known many women like Kyle in the normal, middle-class world. Unfortunately there are lots of them out there. They are women who are desperate for attention and choose to get it by knocking down others publically. Kyle fills she must "win" at all times and turns everything into a competition just so that she can bully her way into the "winner's circle". Is so sad that she has been blessed with a wonderful husband, healthy children, and financial freedon, yet this poor ignorant woman is tragically miserable.


Kyle...thank God you are not my sister, you are a BITCH!!!!