Kristian Herzog to Be Deposed By Mel Gibson

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Mel Gibson's legal team is gearing up to depose the rogue bodyguard who claimed he nailed Oksana Grigorieva and that she is lying about all things Mel.

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    , dpseite this specific document is not really fresh. I recognize with almost all of your items, the only suggestion I would offer is to look at a handful more pics. thanks a lot for the post. [ ]


    I think that Herzog's honesty is questionable, but e-mails and documents don't lie. If Mel's lawyers get their hands on what documented and physical evidence Kris has, it will lend credibility to what Herzog has to say now.


    Truth for this rootin' tootin' cowboy is obviously whatever truth is the convenient truth for the moment. What works to their advantage is all that counts to these knuckleheads. Lame but I agree it's entertaining.


    I really wish I could type. Sorry for all the typos to read thru. (:


    Herzog is a two time felon. CA has th ethree strikes yur out law. IF Herzog lies it'llbe proven my Mel's OR Ox's lawyers. THAT"S perjury, a grime. Herzog would then go to jail and never see freedom again..

    You think maybe he's struck a deal to stay out of jail and tell the truth!!?

    He is looking after his own best interests. He's telling the truth now that Ox isn't giving him any know.


    It is time that the hoax Oksana has tried to present to the Courts comes to an end. If Herzog is willing to revel the truth than let it be. 44 lawyers and a year of court time is enough.


    Wasn't this the tub of lard that said with conviction that he couldn't stand by silently because he was so disgusted by the abuse Oksana suffered at the hands of Mel? So he posted this declaration, attesting to how great Oksana was & making it his public mission to stand up against domestic violence? And now after he was given the boot due to his criminal record, he is saying all his heartfelt, earnest claims were greatly exaggerated?

    HaHaHaHaHa! Yep that'll float. This case has taken on epic proportions of stupidity & hilarity!

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