Kourtney & Kim Take New York Review: Sisterly Love With a Side of Scott Disick

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New city. Same contrived nonsense.

Sunday's premiere of Kourtney & Kim Take New York on E! marked yet another reality series for this infamous family, a crew for which fame and living their scripted lives on camera has become synonymous with breathing.

Kim Kardashian Bikini

Who are we kidding, we love it. And had a staff member review it here:

Kourtney & Kim Take New York premiered last night, and I enjoyed it. I would enjoy it more were the duo Kourtney and Khloe, but we'll see where the season goes.

I confess, I'm entertained by the Kardashians.

Sure, dollar signs blur their vision more often than not, but the family makes me laugh. Kris reminds me of my mother (don't tell her I said that), and Kim, Kourtney and Khloe remind me of my sisters and I (minus the great wardrobe and disposable income).

Don't lie - you and your sisters play "Which Kardashian Sister Are You" and fight over who is who. I find Khloe and Kourtney's relationship to be thoroughly amusing, and I find Kim to be a bit boring. Ergo I'm nervous about how the two older sibs will fare together in New York.

In both Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, the bookends of the sisterhood were slap-happy and always pantsing each other, simultaneously mocking Kim.

Now that Khloe's married and not as much fun, Kourtney decided to bring Snora Nora on her quest to bring Dash to New York City. Kim's single (that Miles Austin situation was short and awkward), and she headed to New York under the impression that this gig was all about her and Kourtney toasting their "All The Single Ladies" brigade.

Pump the brakes.

It seemed Kourtney wasn't on the same page as little sister. Kourtney's baby-daddy, Scott Disick, tagged along on and crashed on the same floor of their hotel (in other words, he's all up in Kim's grill every night). 

Maybe everyone should have had a sit-down prior to this trip, because Kim is solo and expected a different totally different story than the one that played out.

And is it me, or is each season starring our favorite Kardashians becoming more and more contrived? It's as if they're handed an scenario, and have twenty-two minutes to reach their Full House-ish moral climax. 

Someone move Scott somewhere far far away. His spray tan ruined my HD experience.

Things you're talking about at the water cooler:

  • New York is great when you're rich. Why wouldn't you skip into the Smyth Tribeca when you have the penthouse?
  • Kourtney acknowledged her snoozy relationship with Snora, and we all nodded solemnly in agreement. "Kim and I just aren't as lovey-dovey." 
  • Kim Kardashian: "I've never been in New York City in the wintertime." It's bad, Kim. It's worse than bad. Think no escape from the blistering wind chill and dirt-and-pee-in-the-snow bad. 
  • Love Kourtney's Gucci fedora. Need one to wear around my apartment while I watch TV all day.

I thk d show wld be fun.I miss khloe


I think if Kourtney's happy with Scott so should her sisters if they really love Kourtney and her baby. If not then they must not really care about Kourtney's happiness. Making her unhappy can ruin her feelings towards her relationship siblings and relationship with Scott, an that's unhealthy for a mother with a baby.


i love kim wish my life is like theres my life it hasent been easy i know they have problems but they now to resolve them they acomplish what they want and i wish i could acomplish my dreams LOVE YOU KIM {blanca!


@karen, ur a dumbass who likes to look @ the kardashians & wish u had a fam like theirs or @ least look like them & then google them to talk trash couse u have nothing better to do. Wow!!! GET A LIFE IMBASOL!!


well its my opinion, and im saying we finally get to see JUST them two together , on KUWTK you dont really see much of them just bonding cause theres so many other ppl on the show AND karen why are you on here anyway reading this if you think their trashbags...? hmmm wierd.


It isn't going to get any better -- but it could get worse! "We haven't seen that much of Kim and Kourtney together." What about 4 years of Keeping up... That's more than ENOUGH of these boring trash bags!!


I actually liked it, you have to give the show a chance since we have never really seen that much of just kourtney and kim together, I feel like the season will get better as it goes on , and Im glad it wasnt khloe this time who went w. kourtney to the city cause i dont know about anyone else but their realtionship is getting old already, we know their lovey dovey and fun together but we have seen it one too many times already.!


This one was barely watchable. I know "reality" shows are scripted and the story line gets its mojo via the writers/producers -- so they COULD HAVE created any scenario they wanted to. So instead they opt for the silliest premise possible -- giggling high school hijinx!! (Oh, do you think he likes me? Oh, he's looking at me! Oh, should I kiss him?) The only plus was the camera work -- top notch to make NYC look that good (and I live in NYC!) Take out that and you've got mean/stupid girls competing on who could be more boring while simultaneously wearing the more slutty outfit with the most make-up. I mean who wears that much make-up working out??!!! Ryan needs to rethink this one, or better yet, just get rid of these cyphers. I want 'em OUTTA NYC!!!!


HUGE disappointment -- and considering the fact I wasn't expecting much -- they should just pull the plug on this one!! Banal, contrived, tedious, and badly executed. Hate Scott, but without him, there's no fulcrum to the story. I thought Kourtney was boring -- but compared to Kim, she's a bundle of excitement. These WOMEN (all over 30) act like silly, goofy, uneducated pre-teens who just discovered BOYS!! Could Kim be any more sophomoric!??!? Go back to sex tapes and tweeting to your moronic minions!!


Did this include one of the episodes where it was rumored the Kris Jenner was pregnant?

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