Kim Kardashian to Piers Morgan: More Money, More Problems!

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While the world's collective jaw remains dropped at how much Kim Kardashian spent on a watch recently, the reality star defended herself to Piers Morgan this week by saying she gives 10% of all earnings away.

"There's a charity that I work with a lot, The Dream Foundation, and my mom has helped create a church [in Calabasas], so we help fund that," she says.

Of course, Kim didn't shut up after that, going on to make an asinine statement about what life is like as a mega rich person: "I get [what they mean] when they say more money, more problems. I definitely get that, but we have a great team of people that help us manage everything."

Note to Kim: Absolutely no one says that. It was a lyric in a Notorious B.I.G. song. Your biggest problem each day is deciding which company to shill for on Facebook.

In the clip below, meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian is placed on the spot when asked what she'd say tomorrow if Scott Disick proposed:


I did'nt say I hated them,I don't, I don't care enough about them to hate them. I said they were moronic. As for reading about them when we dislike them let me put it this way- it' much like driving by a car wreck, you know if you look at it you might see something that will disgust you but somehow you almost always look anyway.


all the hatred and there are people still writing on here - about people they hate - when i hate someone its like they dont exist - and i'd never read about them or write about them - but HG she's helping you sell your little gossip blog huh?? hmm so who's worse her or you for writing about her when you obviously hate her so much?


id rather have more cash


Between the two of these idoits they don't add up to a 2 digit I.Q. Keep your mouths shut ladies, everything that comes out is moronic.


Boatshit interrogating boatshit within America. Too bad for boatshit that no one watches this show. Very, very bad for them.

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