Kim Kardashian Spent How Much on a Watch?!?

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For all the talk about how little talent Kim Kardashian possesses and how unqualified she is to speak about teen pregnancy, there are two aspects about this socialite that often go unnoticed:

  1. She has less personality than a department store mannequin.
  2. She is grossly out of touch with society.

Both of these traits were on display in an interview with Piers Morgan this week. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian taped their appearance with the talk show host today and one nugget of information from it stands apart from the rest.

Guess how much Kim says she paid for a single wristwatch. Come on, just try to surmise the amount that even Kourtney refers to as "vulgar." Then, watch the clip below, see if you were close - and also try to stay awake. Seriously, Kim is simply boring...


Freespirit114 why don't you mind your own business.You are the most annoying wannabe know it all ever just mind your own business what Kim spends on anything. You should worry about your own lives and stay out of other peoples.


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OK. Enough of this boring b/s.
Time's up!!


Kim Kardashian and the rest of her family sucks. I personally don't care how much she spent on her stupid watch. Why doesn't she pay back the money, from the credit card she stole, from her former employer. She stole her former employers credit card and charged up thousands of dollars, and she never paid it back. Kim K is nothing but two bit theif. That whole family is trash. I also have never heard of any of the Kardashians giving anything to charity. There is nothing sweet or good about Kim K. Go back to porno Kim, its what your best at. I will never ever buy any of her product. I have no respect for that slut!!!


There are heaps of celebrities who spend this kind of money on watches - mostly male hip hop and sports stars - particularly English footballers. When we had to guess I thought it would have been much more than that. This, although very extravagant, is in balance with her income and she did trade two other watches. If I were rich I would never spend money on those types of things but people spend their income in different ways (some even buy children). She is known for her extravagant lifestyle, but she's not the only one. Let her get on with it if it makes her happy. Her looks are her income after all.


it's her money - if youhad her millions - you'd spend it like that too hypocrites ...


Oh come on folks! You know she didn't actually get the watch to tell time, she got it to accessories HELLO!!


Anyway...........who says she can tell the time?
Big hand's on the diamond etc. etc....................


Its her fucking money.


So what. I paid that for a Timex.

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