Kim Kardashian on Sex Tape: Such Shame!

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Alanis Morissette had it wrong. Rain on your wedding day isn't ironic. Neither are 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.

Instead, Kim Kardashian found time this week to provide the best definition yet of this term: acting ashamed of a sex tape during a nationally-televised interview, despite the fact that said interview would NEVER have taken place if not for this sex tape.

Kim on the Katwalk

Such was the case on Piers Morgan Tonight, as the host asked Kim about her videotaped banging of Ray J.

"There's embarrassment and shame and so much that comes along with it," Kardashian said, simultaneously counting the giant wads of money bank-rolled from the tape in her head.

How did she ever get through the incident that made her famous?

Kim cited the support of ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush, along with her family

"That was something that he really helped me through," she said of Reggie and the video. "And that was what my family was for, as well, so I feel like I've dealt with it, and now I move on from it and I don't really go there."

Incredibly, fake sex tape shame was NOT the most ridiculous thing Kim said during this interview. Have you heard how much she paid for a watch?

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Wow! R u guys done talking ur sh*t about Kim? Her mom filming her sex tape? R u f*cking kidding me? U guys can't think of anything more stupid to say?? C'mon GET a LIFE!!! pathetic L-O-S-E-R-S


Kim is so full of sh!t no matter what she says she will never be sorry for the sex tape as that kick started her career of endless red carpet posing and selling fake stories to the tabloids. Dirty trick


Kims family helped her get over the sex tape, Kim's whorebag mother probably filmed the sex tape!


Its very obvious Kim leaked that sex tape as she saw what it did for her bff at the time Paris Hilton. Kim & her attention deprived family wanted the same success and for reasons I cant fathome it worked for them. However I have seen that sex tape Kim let Ray J stick his d!ck in her a$$ and rip that fake booty to shreds, she then put that d!ick in her mouth after it had been up her a$$ f*cking disgusting. Then if that wasn't enough she allowed Ray J to pi$$ all over her, what kind of woman would allow a man to do that to her I mean pi$$ all over her really, no wonder nobody wants to marry her!


I think.....witch dont mean anything.....but i feel like just cause theres a tape dont mean she is a bad person she is just getting alot of crap because she is who she is but that dont make her a bad person she done what she did and now she needs to own it!!! And to kayilee how do you know i was talking about you i could have been talking about must know how crazy she looks for talking like that and your giving it right back... Take a breath and chill sista :^)


The tape of Kim K. and Ray J.'s sexcapades may have made her famous, but considering the fact that they are no longer an item as a couple,I can easily believe that no matter what she does in this life including being an enterprising businesswoman that tape will follow her well into her next life. No matter who interviews her,at some point the tale of the tape will be the question that everyone
will have a comment about. Because Kim K. has built her reputation on being a sex symbol,including her continuous nude layouts,she will Not be taken serious. There is no mystery whatsoever about Ms. Kardashian. She tells everything and leaves Nothing to the imagination!!


why ru bringing my mom up if we wernt even talking about okay...i said that cuz y is brainic calling me an idiot


Wow do you kiss your momma with that mouth....... Just sayin


fuck u brainic fuck a bitch why ru talking about your own stupid ass i never said tht i was more fucking cool than kim fuck u fuck fuck fuck u ....idiot get fucking live bitch


branic this is how u fuking spell okay so shut the hell up who cares its my choice my coment okay so dont fuking tell me sh*t if u dont fuking now

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