Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries: Moving In Together?

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How serious are things getting between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries? The couple is shopping for high-end video equipment together.

Just kidding.

But insiders do tell E! News that Kim is "moving permanently" to New York City "to be closer to Kris," who is hunting for a new apartment in preparation for his basketball team's move to Brooklyn in two years.

We're very sorry, NYC.

Sources claim Kardashian and Humphries were checking out a high-rise in Chelsea yesterday morning.

"He wants to live with Kim," a friend says of the Nets' power forward.

And why shouldn't he? With Kim in his life, Humphries is averaging career highs in points and rebounds this season. Also, she has very large breasts.


I think this is nice couples ayayay i love you kim kardashians


All of u punks out there that thinks kim is being Slutty guess what u have promblem ben slutty to kim is the most sexiest women in the world and if i was old enogh i would ask her out on a date and i would pray to god she would say yes so lay of kim


Hey Kim, glad you found another guy after me. Ray J already made a fool out of himself by being part of that reality show love for ray j. Humprhies is a garbage nba player but hes good looking so maybe thats why kims with the guy, hes def better looking than ray j!


he doesn't make enough money!!! Average is not good enough. I say "keep it movin Kim, you can do much... much, much, much, better."


i dn't think it would happen she goes to guy to guy to guy i wounder who she will date for valentines day i used to like her but now she's just being slutty


No respectable man in his right mind will marry this tramp, especially when she was on tape sucking Ray J’s d*** after it was in her a$$,getting peed on and screaming,� Oh Ray my p***y is gonna explode!�


Question? Is she so insecure about being the only one without a baby and a man that she will settle for anyone? I mean nothing against Kris. but how many men does she have to go through. BE HAPPY just being HAPPY yeah everyone gets lonely but why make a rush decision. She needs to be Kim and just chill. Love will find her.


What I find odd is that we never hear comments from any of her ex's about why they split. Just once, dudes! We know your out there!!! We also know you got "BALLS"... so show a pair!!!


Please stop reporting fake stories so this girl can stop getting publicity! Kim needs to step her game up, if she wants to keep up w/ Khloe! This dude plays for the worst team in the NBA and makes 3 million for this year. and he's not getting a raise! So after taxes and paying rent in the NYC, u do the math! Oh, did I mention that he has been traded 4 times! She's got bigger fish to fry! The Daily New York Post is reporting that they have a leak photo of she and kris in bed..If, this is true, than her 15 mins is up! Career suicide!


Awww. . .im so happy for kim. She should play her cards right and Kris might put a ring on it!. . .u go kim

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