Khloe Kardashian Makes Like Rihanna, Hannibal Lecter

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Khloe Kardashian is featured in the latest issue of YRB.

At least we think this is Khloe Kardashian. There's a good chance it's Rihanna, or possibly Hannibal Lecter. Click on the following photos from the magazine and try to decipher for yourself:

Khloe Pic

"It's so different from anything I've ever done, which was what made the shoot so fun for me," Khloe blogged. "YRB is known for being very wild and crazy with the content they publish, so I jumped at the chance to work with them! I love experimenting with different looks and this was the perfect opportunity for me to do that."

We'd have to assume Khloe snacked on fava beans and a nice chianti during the shoot.


U????? fucking haters pls get ? freakin life loosers!..Khloe looks fab and Ð hair is great..when U????? start makin Ð bucks she makes den U????? can talk but as for naw shut da hell up!And as for ??? navasia am pretty sure ure ? monster and ? beast all in one get ? life!..Notorious what sorta name is dat fuckin mannimal...Don't be jealous cos ??? aint leavin ha life dick sucker!..As for ??? capri am pretty sure ??? look like shrek dats ? ure ? whore!...Ya'll haters live ur sad,pathetic and useless lives nd live khloe da hell alone!!!




Urm, Rhianna? No. More like Kelly Osbourne.
We are forgetting that Khloe Kardashian and Rhianna have a resemblance so small, it's like Perez Hilton and Paris Hilton. You are only saying that cuz of her hair.
I think it's nice. Though, with the kinds of acts that don the headlines of YTP, I don't see how Khloe got in there... :\


Navasia..u must b cross-eyed:this is Khloe nt RIHANNA!!hw do u hate such BEAUTY N TALENT like Ri-Ri's?thickness reigns ua life..hohohohoho...u sleeky whore


Who the fuck said ths is RiRi?though they r both hawt!!wooow!


The only reason people are sitting here bashing on Khloe like saying she's ugly, fat, gross, etc. is because you think the same of yourselfs. Khloe looks amazing and who ever said it was wrong to try new looks ? - and @navasia, what in the fuck is a "freakazoid" ? - come on this isn't 3rd grade. Also, learn how to spell.


THAT IS FUCKING DISGUISTING. wow. i hate rihanna and i now hate her. she looks like a fucking freakazoid. thats watch she is. those legs look like they belong on rosy o'donnell. EWWWW ! NAUGHSTY


omfg all you haters are a bunch of cock suckers. khloe you look AMAZING!!!!!! dont listen to what the haters say you are GEORGEUS. i love love love love love love love love love you so much!!! rock out and have a good time doing what your doing!


just when i thought she couldnt get more ugly. jesus. thats just scary lol


How appropriate to dress a beast like her up like a beast.


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