Kendra Wilkinson to Go Dancing With the Stars?

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Dancing With the Stars may have lost out on its top target in Lindsay Lohan, but sources say another major "get" may be imminent: Kendra Wilkinson.

Kendra was approached by ABC and met with execs, E! reports. "Her personality, combined with her ability to dance, is appealing," a source says.

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Off the record, her breasts don't hurt, they probably thought. Also, the quota of at least one former Playboy centerfold per year must be adhered to.

GO KENDRA: Will Mrs. Baskett catch DWTS fever?

Less than a year ago, on the Today show, she didn't mince her words about the reality competition, saying she would likely pass because she's a hands-on mom.

Fast forward 10 months and the money may do the talking for K-Dubs. It's not like they can count on big paydays and job security from Hank. No offense, Hank.

Besides, what better way to stir up fake divorce drama than dancing suggestively with Maksim Chmerkovskiy? In Touch Weekly just started salivating at that.

ABC's official line is that it won't comment on casting rumors, but the new season will kick off in March, so we should hear one way or the other soon.


This Kendra is a train wreck ever heard her laugh? you will regret it and she also is a pig her house had dog crap and she is hit and sexy but has zero values and motals ABC you need to show up and leave it as a clean show, kendra is a over paid hooker she isnt even with her husband now, since he isnt playing football she left him whst a wonderful wife shes gross thumbs down


I say what the hell...go for it can do it i have faith in you!!!


I hope that Kendra decides to accept DWTS, if she's been invited,
that is. It makes perfect sense. She's not a professional dancer,
but she's got rythym, and the right moves! Of course, this dance floor would not be the place for her, to do her famous butt shaking!! lol Go Kendra, Go Kendra, Go Kendra! You're not alone now.... lol


That would be so good. I hope she does it


Ok, not a bad idea. But, who's gonna watch little Hank? His old man can't hold on for crap these days.

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