Kendra Wilkinson and Taryn Ryan Sex Tape: On the Way!

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Kendra Wilkinson might go Dancing with the Stars. But, according to a new report, she's definitely gone sex taping with another woman.

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    Who really cares?


    Kendra Wilkinson moved into the playboy mansion for 1 thing, and 1 thing alone. Money, privelege, someone to take care of her, and in exchange she had sex with a old man, and other women to entertain a old man. Let's call her what she is. Youthful indiscretions are what normal people go through. Making sex tapes, doing drugs, drinking, stripping. These are way more then youthful indiscretions. She was grieiving for no Daddy, and a Mom who didn't do so well raising her. She will never be anything but a whore that she is.


    Me too Sara me too!


    she is and always going fuck anybody for sextape i don't know why in the hell hank married her i tell yall what this will probley make his mind up about her and leave her i heard it on enews and i was shocked she is a whore and always going be one no matter what i wouldn't be surprise by this summer their marraige going end or soon.


    It's no wonder Hank is rethinking this whole maybe I can make this ho into a housewife but sorry you can't didn't you know?? This will not work because she is still thinking that she is relevant as a sex symbol. But times have changed and you are a mother and a wife now. Your playboy days are OVER get it now or become another divorced statistic.


    t'es une fille charmante
    et je ne te juge pas.


    Kendra seems stuck in a state of arrested development at about age 18. I mean that's when she moved into the Playboy Mansion right? It was almost mre of a parent child relationship with Hef (not talking about sex here) than a real relatinship, as in he provided everything she wanted or needed and she never had to worry or make decisions. Then she left running right into the arms of another well-off man who she expected to take cae of her and make her happy. Most of us spend the years from 18-20 something growing up,learning about ourselves, learning about good and bad relationships and becoming self sufficent. She has never grown up at all. Her mindset is more of a teenager than a grown woman and it's really too bad. She has a child who needs her to be a real grown up and a husband who thought he married one. I wish her luck but she needs help.


    Her character is fine! She best sell as many of these "way back in my wild days" tapes as she can, before she becomes irrelevant. Why would she not cash in?? She's an ex-stripper, she knows you gotta hustle while the iron's hot!


    Innocent young wife? Really? Can't tell if you're serious or if that's just poorly constructed sarcasm. Either way, I think yes. youthful indiscretions are forgivable, but I believe that SHE is behind the release of these tapes and THAT is the part that really calls her charactor into question. It's an embarassment to her family but that concern is second only to her collecting a paycheck.

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