Kelsey Grammer Speaks on Kayte Walsh Engagement, Honeymoon

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Here's something you don't often see: a celebrity congratulated on his engagement, despite being legally married to someone else.

But that's exactly what took place this morning on Live with Regis and Kelly, as Kelsey Grammer talked openly about the way Kayte Walsh had "enhanced" his life, almost as if Camille Grammer didn't exit.

The actor even touched on the couple's honeymoon plans, explaining: “Kayte is from England and she has a great love for America and wants to see some of the things I actually haven’t seen. So we are going to go to Mt. Rushmore, Yosemite National Park, and Santa Fe."

What a bizarre scenario. Watch snippets from Grammer's interview now:


What about your children!


Wow!! Talk about a slap in the face. I know that the rich are different,but back in the day,a man going on TV talking about his new love while still married to his current wife was cause
for grounds of adultery. Evidently his Beverly Hills housewife is now a tarnished trophy and the newly intended is the golden prize!!

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