Keith Olbermann to Collaborate With Aaron Sorkin on New HBO Pilot?

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In the 72 hours since MSNBC fired Keith Olbermann, speculation over the pundit's future has spread widely. One rumor? A TV collaboration with Aaron Sorkin.

The award-winning scribe of A Few Good Men, The West Wing, The Social Network and Moneyball fame has a new pilot in the works about a cable news show.

Sorkin spent time on Olbermann’s Countdown set while penning scripts (he also shadowed Chris Matthews and several Fox News shows) over the past year.

NATURAL TANDEM: A collaboration among left-leaning favorites Olbermann and Sorkin almost seems overdue. The former has plenty of time on his hands ...

EW reports that Olbermann may serve as a consultant to the show, if it gets picked up, and perhaps even deliver some of his signature rants on camera.

Sorkin's failed series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was panned a few years back for the simple fact that its SNL-style comedy sketches were unfunny.

Olbermann going off on long-winded tirades would certainly give a show (which HBO is reportedly considering) about cable news an air of authenticity.

Keith's next step is unclear, but reports say he may be on the shelf less than six months under the terms of his buyout deal with MSNBC. Stay tuned.

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@FRED Fred,have something a little more original then that, Fox is full of people who are nothing but a bunch of right wing nut cases, look who is calling people fanatics!!! Keith will land on his feet and jump back into the game and we will all laugh when he starts his attack on you clowns.


Live long and prosper Keith Olbermann, we will all be waiting for your return. 8 o'clock hour m-f, oh gosh will have to watch ES on CNN. See you soon. Good luck and keep up the good fight. Send us some emails keep the Olbermann followers in the loop. Linda


bye bye BOZO...........lying when the TRUTH would do better, is what got ya...........


@Joe Seriously? You're kidding right? Keith Olbermann stood up to conservatives? The guy was so scared of a debate he filled his entire hour every night with totally like-minded sycophants. I think Hannity and Beck are ridiculous, but at least they aren't cowards like Olbermann. He was a bombastic sportscaster that was way over his head and he knew it. That's why he never had any "heavyweights" on his show. Hell, he didn't even have featherweights! He was a joke and an embarrassment to every thinking left-winger in America.


I have only good wishes and strong support for Keith! I know he will be back on TV, running for political office, or doing humanitarian work. MSNBC has lost their strongest asset; now we can only hope they do not dismiss our Rachel Maddow. If they need to revamp their political offerings, my vote would be to dismiss Chris Matthews, he is no longer interesting to watch or to be believed.


Olberman should go back to sportscasting. He got his ass handed to him by Fox News every night anyway. The guy is just a moron who thinks that Democrats are Gods...He's a fanatic...and it is hilarious that the Conservatives won...Buh Bye now Keithy...bye now.


@ Joe:
Word Up!! Whatever direction that Keith's next TV move take him,I will be there comfortably watching and listening!!


How stupid is Comcast to have lost their brightest light? Spit in the wind much!


Keith Olberman offered many viewers an opportunity to hear intelligent dialog as compared to the BS that floats through the air at Fox. His stand vs conservatives and neo cons & dumb politicians was appropriate and was much needed light for his viewers. Taking on the establishment by himself since most liberals shrink and duck when the heavy weights from the other side come at them helped so many who had lost a voice
I offer Mr Olberman a Web based, internet technology, live, interactive broadcasting show that he can do from his home or wherever he wants. Whatever the subject and whatever the time needed is his choice, period. If anyone knows how to reach Keith send me the info or just pass this along to him.


Keith Olberman was and will always be an inspiration to mankind. His compasion for people and his ultimate pasion to be fair and balanced will be missed until he is allowed to appear on cable or television where he is able to inform people of the many stories that go untold. GOD bless Keith and his family.