Keith Olbermann: Fired By MSNBC!

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Keith Olbermann, one of the best known cable news personalities on either side of the political spectrum, was abruptly fired yesterday by MSNBC.

Olbermann, in the middle of a four-year $30 million deal set to last until 2012, announced on last night's edition of Countdown that it was his last.

The dismissal is said to be at least indirectly related to Comcast's acquiring of NBC and the parent company's distaste for his defiance and attitude.

Here's Olberman signing off for the final time last night ...

Sources said network brass basically paid the pundit to scram by working out an agreement in which he would get lost and continue to be paid.

He will have to stay off the air at least until fall as a result.

MSNBC issued a vague, unemotional statement saying it ended its contract with Olbermann, who hosted the top rated show on the network.

The statement read in part, "MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC's success and we wish him well in his future endeavors." Nice.

Olbermann was suspended briefly a few months ago in light of some political donations the host made, but no one saw this swift exit coming.

Executives have said tensions between Olbermann and the network, which were palpable to begin with, have been running high since then.

Neither side has offered a formal explanation, but the network said 10 p.m. host Lawrence O'Donnell would move into Keith's slot Monday.

What do you think of the move? Is MSNBC crazy for bidding happy trails to such a high-rated host? Good riddance or good luck to Keith?


Good Bye Best move they have made yet. What a JERK


that man did more for this country and people then any senator or congressmen has ever done and u let him go.


Once MSNBC started making bad management decisions they just seemed to snowball. First, they suspended Keith Olbermann for making personal donations to political candidates, then they wanted to change the tone of Worse Persons in the World and added Not Really, then that was removed from Countdown, then the axe came down and Keith was gone and now Ed Schultz was told Psycho Moment didn't fit in at the 10 P.M. time slot and it had to be cut. What's next? In the meantime, Glen Beck keeps blattering about Nazis, Hitler and hate and Roger Ayles says it's OK. Well, at least someone running a station has cojones. MSNBC needs to grown a pair and let their moderators speak to power and the truth!


Good riddens to one of the biggest wingnuts in modern news.


as most people have said I am very disappointed to see keith fired. I watched him and ed schulz every evening but won't now. waiting til 10 for Ed sucks. wherever keith goes ed should go with him. nbc really f**ked up. this just cost them a whole lot of money


When Keith turned on the light, the roaches of Big Business and misinformation started to run. He was a breath of fresh air and those who disagreed with him could not stand him exposing the propaganda being blasted through the airwaves. Those in power do not want the status quo disturbed. By keeping the public ignorant those moguls can continue to run this country. We will miss your expose of the hypocracy, bigotry and bitter hatred spewed by those claiming to be Christian yet showing only hatred and anger. Certainly not Christian! Don


Keith, I lived to watch you at nights. I would tape your show if I got in late from work. Please be back soon. I miss you and all that you had to say. You told it like it is. MSNBC you lost a faithful viewer, you guys really SUCK!!!


Keith the truth hurts. Some people cldnt handle it because that's what U gave the Country, the Truth!! And u could always back up ur staements with facts. U were the best thing on TV/Cable. I hope to see u soon. Xoxo


MSNBC SUCKS!! COMCAST Sucks!! Keith U rock Man. Good luck


We love U Keith. C ya soon!!