Keith Olbermann: Fired By MSNBC!

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Keith Olbermann, one of the best known cable news personalities on either side of the political spectrum, was abruptly fired yesterday by MSNBC.

Olbermann, in the middle of a four-year $30 million deal set to last until 2012, announced on last night's edition of Countdown that it was his last.

The dismissal is said to be at least indirectly related to Comcast's acquiring of NBC and the parent company's distaste for his defiance and attitude.

Here's Olberman signing off for the final time last night ...

Sources said network brass basically paid the pundit to scram by working out an agreement in which he would get lost and continue to be paid.

He will have to stay off the air at least until fall as a result.

MSNBC issued a vague, unemotional statement saying it ended its contract with Olbermann, who hosted the top rated show on the network.

The statement read in part, "MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC's success and we wish him well in his future endeavors." Nice.

Olbermann was suspended briefly a few months ago in light of some political donations the host made, but no one saw this swift exit coming.

Executives have said tensions between Olbermann and the network, which were palpable to begin with, have been running high since then.

Neither side has offered a formal explanation, but the network said 10 p.m. host Lawrence O'Donnell would move into Keith's slot Monday.

What do you think of the move? Is MSNBC crazy for bidding happy trails to such a high-rated host? Good riddance or good luck to Keith?


While MSNBC has other good commentators, I only started watching the network because of Keith Obermann. His intelligent and honest approach to the news was unsurpassed. Those that call him names just don't understand his sarcasm and approach. It's brilliant. What is wrong with the leadership of the station that they would dump such exceptional talent? My response to Keith's firing is to find my news elsewhere!


The only reason i watched msnbc was keith's show , so now i will not be watching at all , hope they are happy.I'm not.


I will truely miss Keith and Countdown. He expressed the views and opinions of so many and now there will be one less gratifying voice for me on MSNBC....with Tim gone and now Keith ousted... Chris and Racheal are the only reason left to watch the network. We need to stop Comcast now from their momentum to becoming a media monopoly.


Yeah...good riddance to such a vile hateful man. Did he ever say a nice thing? Who respects junk philosophy from a hate monger?


To the idiots who fired Keith Olbermann: It is clear that Comcast hss joined the ranks of Fox News and like-minded right wing fanatics. First, how can it so stupidly ignore one of the most popular broadcasters in modern times. except of course to placate the right-wingers? Second, the most recent move to replace the Ed show with the brain-short fellow who would like to see us turn Egypt into another Iran with his continuous support of the Muslim Brotherhood who wants to destroy the Egypt_Israel peace accord and along with it the right of Israel to exist.


I hate Keith is gone! He is smart and very intertaining. If it were not for Chris Mathew's hard ball I wouldn't watch msnbc any more. Where ever Keith goes from here I will follow.The man has a lot of guts and knowledge.


I am a Canadian who watches your news commentary programmes with interest. I can honestly say that, even though, I might be a moderate in your political terms, I found Mr. Olbermann obnoxious and dishonest.Why did he never invite spirted and honest debate on his programme? Ms. Maddow and Mr. Shultz do provide counterpoint opinion from credible people on the other side of the political spectrum. I am afraid, as an unbiased outsider, I must say I am glad he no longer has his incredibly biased soap box. the Mur


i love keith's show! it is the only entertaining,honest and informative block on msnbc- which was like a breath of fresh air!its amazeing the idiots at msnbc or comcast or whatever could'nt see it ?!!! shows how engrossed in their own world or rather incompetent keith's new bosses are, have no clue as to who should be fired ! these bosses should have been the ones to be kicked out rather than keith for msnbc to survive ! i'm never going to watch msnbc !!! here's a simple suggestion-make keith the ceo of msnbc and watch the increase in popularity- dumbbells!!!


he greatest of all time the truth doctor.PEOPLE ARE THREATEN WHEN REALITY AND TRUTH ARE EXPOSE


I know one thing Comcast does suck they are the greediest least responsive somehow legalized monopoly I have ever seen. We need compaction in the cable market at least 2 companies per town or something. and as far as Kieth getting fired well they suck for that also but at least it cost them money:) Comcast is the devil!!