Katy Perry With No Makeup: Revealed on Twitter!

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Katy Perry's a cute girl any way you look at it, but she apparently wasn't a huge fan of this Twitter photo posted by husband Russell Brand.

An image of Mrs. Brand that's not altogether flattering appeared online (and appears below) this weekend. It has since been taken down.

Not a bad way to get on your wife's bad side, fellas ...

Katy Perry Without Makeup

The greatness that is Twitter personified in one photo.

He may be in the doghouse, but props to Russell Brand. Like an album announcement courtesy of Lady Gaga with no pants, this was quite entertaining and gave us genuine insight into their lives, not just what some publicist tells us.

That said, we hope the couch is comfortable tonight.

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I wouldn't take it out of her (covered in poop) to put into any of you (covered in gold)... Lol


*he thinks she pretty, without nay makeup on* true dat she is


Hmm she doesnt even look that bad, she looks fine haha =] i still love her music


She looks okay


I think that no matter what she looks like she is still pretty it is sad that everyone in this world only cares about looks. Who care normal people go with out make up everyday and we arent splattered all over the news get over it she is still an amazing song singer and is still just as pretty.


I love, no am in love with Russel Brand.


i dont really care what she looks like i just like her song firework...


Katy Perry just looks like every normal person out there she ain't pretty but she ain't ugly either, but it shows you even celeberties are not perfect.


I think she is preaty and we all look diferent with no make up on or your hair done all preaty it is amasing what make up can do



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