Katy Perry With No Makeup: Revealed on Twitter!

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Katy Perry's a cute girl any way you look at it, but she apparently wasn't a huge fan of this Twitter photo posted by husband Russell Brand.

An image of Mrs. Brand that's not altogether flattering appeared online (and appears below) this weekend. It has since been taken down.

Not a bad way to get on your wife's bad side, fellas ...

Katy Perry Without Makeup

The greatness that is Twitter personified in one photo.

He may be in the doghouse, but props to Russell Brand. Like an album announcement courtesy of Lady Gaga with no pants, this was quite entertaining and gave us genuine insight into their lives, not just what some publicist tells us.

That said, we hope the couch is comfortable tonight.

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i think katey perry is still seriously pretty!!!!!!!! wuts wrong with u russtle brand...srry i dont know how 2 spell your name. GO KATY I LUV U!!!!!!!!


you are still hot girl


She looks so ugly without her makeup I dont get why girls have to lie saying shes not but then again im extremely good looking and a guy lolll facebook / handstripe


OOOOO come on people! I bet 95% of all the people that posted look worse than her with no make up. Seriously shut the hell up you low life losers that say shes ugly...GO KATY!


i Agree With Brianna .
And Yea She just Woke up do You Expect Her to Look Gorgeous? Well ,
Some Peaple Dont Look Pretty When They
Wake Up .
So . . . its ok .


Are you ppl kidding me!? She looks pretty bad, and the photo might be means for a divorce. Poor Russel, he's gonna take a beating for it...Although KP is an amazing singer and does have talent.


face* hahah I think she's beautiful w/o make-up :)


She's not exactly ugly, really...have you seen others? She's pretty here, she's simply pretty. The expression is what makes the pic unappealing to the eyes, not the fact its self.


i like her voice and song, not her face


I think most women wished they looked this good without makeup, and there are a lot of them in the entertainment business who don't, even with makeup.

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