Katy Perry With No Makeup: Revealed on Twitter!

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Katy Perry's a cute girl any way you look at it, but she apparently wasn't a huge fan of this Twitter photo posted by husband Russell Brand.

An image of Mrs. Brand that's not altogether flattering appeared online (and appears below) this weekend. It has since been taken down.

Not a bad way to get on your wife's bad side, fellas ...

Katy Perry Without Makeup

The greatness that is Twitter personified in one photo.

He may be in the doghouse, but props to Russell Brand. Like an album announcement courtesy of Lady Gaga with no pants, this was quite entertaining and gave us genuine insight into their lives, not just what some publicist tells us.

That said, we hope the couch is comfortable tonight.

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hi katy it me ashley look i'm going to send you fan mail it not going to be crazy it going to be nice little mail it ok for you so i'm got your address were you live yes and I got you home phone yes if you have a phone in your home inside yes so in the morning or if I do sometning I have to do I going to send it at soon as a toy so I have to do my homework now so I now going to end my comments now katy so good bye:) ashley


It's a man baby!


Katyperry??????? Oké?!


Juk its a men not katy perry


nobody is perfect


she looks older


what the heck is that but i like you better in the make up byeeeee


That is not katy Perry is a men


This is the kind of thing that people need to see, nobodys perfect, even the celebs on t.v. Under all those globs of makeup is a real person.


errr mann dirty

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