Katy Perry Singles Pass 10 Million Downloads

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Katy Perry's singles from her album Teenage Dream have collectively tallied over 10 million downloads. That's not even counting sales of the actual record!

"California Gurls" has sold over 4.4 million, while "Teenage Dream" the song passed three million and "Firework" has totaled around 2.5 million. Quite a feat.

"Peacock," which hasn't even been released as a single yet, is already near 200,000. Safe to say she has a hit record? Here's the video for its title track:


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well that did not happen for quite a long time...the last time i remember katy top hit was hot and cold, or i kissed a girl. well great album for her


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She better sell that many online cuz shes not that good live. And her songs are catchy yes. but jesus h christ my fucking dog could write beats on a keyboard better than that. there sooooooooooo easy. Try something Original Katy. And no. Something that doesnt require you always having to bust those giant tits of yours out. they cant sing. lol they look good. but they cant sing. leave that to you.


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