Kate Gosselin Bikini Photo: Hot or Not?

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Let's be honest, Kate Gosselin is looking pretty good these days.

We realize any attraction is mitigated largely by the fact that we're talking about Kate Gosselin, but you've got to hand it to her on her workout regimen.

With Kate's poor, tried kids in tow, she lounged in a bikini by the pool Australia this week. Would you go Down Under with her, if you know what we mean?!!?

If you don't know what we mean, it's spelled out below ...

Hot Kate Gosselin Bikini Pic

The mother of eight heats up Australia ... or does she! [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Kate Gosselin: Would you hit it?


Yeah hilarious BONER!!
She's still trying to snagg a man huh?? Too bad the whole world knows she's a bitch and oh yeah the eight kids too!


Boner: That was great! PS - She looks good with exception to the stomach cheese but after having 8 kids it is expected.


Would I hit it? Well...maybe, but it would require two bags, a ball-gag and a lotta booze!


She is a nasty pig.


Looking pretty good? Aside from that sagging belly and her haggered looking face, yeah she looks good. Don't forget though that her breasts are fake, she's had plastic surgery. Not impressed, you can tell she's in love with herself.

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