Kate Gosselin Bikini Photo: Hot or Not?

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Let's be honest, Kate Gosselin is looking pretty good these days.

We realize any attraction is mitigated largely by the fact that we're talking about Kate Gosselin, but you've got to hand it to her on her workout regimen.

With Kate's poor, tried kids in tow, she lounged in a bikini by the pool Australia this week. Would you go Down Under with her, if you know what we mean?!!?

If you don't know what we mean, it's spelled out below ...

Hot Kate Gosselin Bikini Pic

The mother of eight heats up Australia ... or does she! [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Kate Gosselin: Would you hit it?


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Kate Gosselin is hot as. I'd tap it


Wow some of these comments are both horrible & hilarious. Hit her with a big stick & the testical skin stomach are my favorite! But if I were a guy- no I would not hit that, she's way too fake! Her boobs are way to big & fake, her skin is too sprayed, she's got fake hair & nails & everything yuck... No... The worst part is she has no waistline... All women should have a nice waistline to look like a woman!


@Sment Smocksman: Yuk!......Kate? your kidding. You must be desperate. Doesn't say much. About you that is.


Boycott TLC!!!! Free the Gosselin 8!!!!


I've always thought she was attractive. It might have soemthing to do with her being a milf though. Personality wise though she sucks. Exploiting her kids for her own personal gain, and women being egotistical is a real turn off. I'd rail her if given the chance, but aside from that I wouldn't be able to deal with her loud, shrill voice


Even I would not do her. The woman's voice makes me wish I were deaf and my sense of touch would be offended by that nasty belly skin. If the rumors are true, her halitosis would make me cry and I refuse to taste anything that looks, sounds, feels and smells so nasty. In addition to the five senses, I also have a sense of pride and therefore would not be caught dead next to such skanky trailer trash


She must be hot. Her skin is falling off. No man, or woman, would do this piece of crap. Her body is deformed from all the plastic surgery and lipo. Make her go away


would I hit it? Uhh...yeah. With a huge stick and really hard. I'd smack that wig around, knock out enough teeth that she couldn't speak anymore and poke her stomach testicle skin just for fun. The woman is nasty. You can smell her all the way across the ocean.




Her stomach looks like Tara Reid's, which is considered one of the worst celebrity tummy-tuck jobs. And she is way, way, way too tanned. And her hair isn't worth all she paid of it, I'm sure. And Kate is a terrible person. There's simply no substance there. I mean, Jon Gosselin left her. Jon Gosselin. And he is dating new people. He is doing better than her, in terms of relationships. Think about that for a second.