Justin Bieber Teases New Album, Selena Gomez Friendship

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Might Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens not be the only young, hot friends with benefits in Hollywood?

Appearing on Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning, Justin Bieber was asked about Selena Gomez. Are they dating? No, Justin claimed, saying: "She's like one of my best friends."

Okay. So what about this movie outing from last week? Bieber said it was harmless. What did they see? Only No Strings Attached, a movie about best friends that have a lot of sex.

On the professional front, Bieber gave fans a couple major reasons to get excited. He hyped up a new tour AND a new album:

"I'm going on a world tour [in March], I'm going to like all the Asian countries, I'm going to like Indonesia and like Japan. And this next year is gonna be real big for me. And by the end of the year I'm going to release another album."


omg, justin bieber and selena just friends? omg.. i can't say anything. they are cute together! why he didn't with selena? oh god..


I cant say anything this is totaly stupid why justin bieber you know what do what you want but you are destroying your life to the final think to what iwrote on this comment you&selena you going to divorce marry her and you see bye i love you jb


haha...i know hu? I bet he is so horny he masturbates:|


Yea i forgot to say....hes just a horny little boy who hasnt hit puberty yet!


WHATEVER!!!!!except for Selena...i dont care for Justin!!


Justin Bieber's management has approached Selena Gomez and over the years, a close friendship developed and the rest happens only in your thoughts.




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