Justin Bieber Make Out Photo: Not Selena!

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Prior to getting frisky with Selena Gomez on a yacht and inciting the wrath of crazed fans, Justin Bieber had an encounter with a fan in Toronto.

And it got seriously sloppy!

Cutie Kicks It

A reader submitted the following picture to Canadian blogger Zack Taylor and included this message with it, explaining what led to Bieber attempting to swallow the face of a lucky admirer:

Justin and my friend Michelle kissed behind the Four Seasons Hotel downtown a few months ago while he was in town for a concert. I didn't feel right about releasing it before, but now its fine cuz its been a while.

Tell that the countless number of Beliebers whose tears just short-circuited their keyboards.


This isn't Justin Bieber. Lol look at the dudes face. His nose is too big. And also to add in Justin doesn't wear those fag hats. Lol. Everyone who believes this is a real photo of "Justin" is beyond retarded.


You've gotta be kiddin me. This is not Justin! I even never see Justin wears that sweater. This is a lie!


This is unbelievable!!! I just threw up......................


I love you justin bieber cute,sexy boy so hot hot hot


I love you justin bieber cute,sexy boy


Hi,guys you are true that girl look like a mother of 49yrs old ayayay


wow, dam bieber look like you making out with a 40 year old person i mean i love justin bieber but seriously what a peice of photoshop..... that's fucking crap and we know it


ewwwwwwwwwwwww that gairl look like a mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i couldn't believe that bieber kiss one of his fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you know what justin, i'm proud of you,becoming a singer,cause back in my town,kids with no education,just run around,didn't what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!i'm really proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!love you justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi,guys that girl is so stupid fuck you girl who was kissing justin bieber crazy girl idiot


That dosen't even look like Selena!!!!Justin must of kiss with some other lucky girl.I'm a fan of Justin and Selena!!!They both rock!!!!!!

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