Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: The Videotaped Movie Date!

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Most readers will have one of two reactions to the video below:

  1. AWWW!
  2. I will kill Selena Gomez!

We hope the majority lean toward option one, as Gomez was spotted in Burbank last night with Justin Bieber. The pair went on your basic movie date, one that included a security team, screaming fans, paparazzi cameras and a plug for "Never Say Never."

Watch the adorable action now:

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guys =D
chill out. justins a faggot with a dig smaller than the dislike bar of spongebob, selena is a arrogant disney chick that would fuck everybody to get famous,
WHO CARES if they are dating...
just dont give a fuck no one of u teenie chicks is gonna get him anyways and none of the guys here jerking off on selena gomez pics is gonna get her.
get a life stalkers...


leave them alone, none of you even have a chance with him. Just let him date who he wants. kayythanks byee!


Sorry selena. I used 2 like u , but now, like a million other
Fans, i hate you like krap.


wow, really. just leave them alone. let them have dates by themselves. let them be normal. not gonna lie, it would be super annoying always having someone follow you around. stop bothering them, they are just people, talented, yes, but normal people.


Nope, I react as "What an idiot, Justin Bieber."


i'm a fan of justin but that was kinda snotty when he sed don't get in my way, didn't think he was like that :o




Such a cute couple!


as much as its fun to get to see whats ogoing on in JB's life, its kinda sad because he really won't ever rally beable to goout and have fun without being followed or interrogated for doing something or hanging out with someone.


K..@olivia yhu aint goin to do nun and yhu dont even know where she live so i just bust yo bubblez wide open :@

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