Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: The Videotaped Movie Date!

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Most readers will have one of two reactions to the video below:

  1. AWWW!
  2. I will kill Selena Gomez!

We hope the majority lean toward option one, as Gomez was spotted in Burbank last night with Justin Bieber. The pair went on your basic movie date, one that included a security team, screaming fans, paparazzi cameras and a plug for "Never Say Never."

Watch the adorable action now:

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justin eres el mejor lo sabes pero tu novia es una puta aprobechada perra de lo peor pinche prostituta selena si ves esto vas a morir
departe de
las fans de monterrey de justin bieber
muerete ojala y te mueras te odiamos
kon kariño
andrea bieber


Hey dem whatever they say,if u luv her and she luv's u go ahead and date her.Besides she is cool,pretty and has an amazing voice.


God, I hate fans that are like :OMG, I hate you Selena, I'm gonna kill you if you steal my man!" all because she's dating Justin Bieber. And since when is he your man? Well, guess what? Justin wants his fans to except that fact that he will date and that girl is Selena. So, fans, MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. And don't be hating on Selena, she hasn't done anything. She's very talented and so is Justin.




I dont like
They are not cute!!
Uhhg!! I hate selenaa! :/


MAN I REALLY HATE SELENA GOMEZ IM THE BIGGEST JB FAN EVER BUT I DO THINK IT WAS RUDE WHEN HE SAID DONT GET IN Y WAY MANand then he closed the door for selena 2 get into her car and u no wut i bet they kissed b4 she got in cuz kenny wouldent let them pass then after they passed he was shutting the door of her car!


WOW just leave them alone let them date if they want to i feel sorry 4 them SO LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!! ASSHOLES


lmfAO , These Gurlss Act Liikee Theey Had Or Even Havee A Chance Wiit Justin Bieber When iN Reality He Dnt Even Knw Who Thaa fCk Yall Aree , Soo ShutThefCkUp & Move On.!


agreed kerryanne ;)


fuck i hate them both anyways..there are assholes..selena cant really sing or dance so as jb..he has droped his nut sack he has 2 take singing lessons..hahahahaa ASSHOLEs..