Justin Bieber and Angelina Jolie: Say Cheeeese!

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Millions of women would kill just to stand next to Justin Bieber. Sadly, scarily, we're not really exaggerating.

But don't put Angelina Jolie in that group. The actress posed alongside Justin on the red carpet of Sunday's Golden Globes, much to her chagrin, apparently.

Posing Alongside a Fan

A friend of Justin's named "jonmchu" posted the following TwitPic yesterday, claiming it was snapped when Bieber met Jolie on the red carpet. But we question its legitimacy. After all, how can any female stand next to this 16-year old and maintain her composure in such a manner?!?

Justin didn't mind the snub. At the event, he Tweeted:

"Backstage at the Golden Globes. Everyone is here. This is nuts!!"

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All I want to know is which vending machine he got those sunglasses out of? PS -Maricela Cruz verdadera, what the Focker are you talking about?


Maintin her composure? He's 16, she's a grown as woman, and she's Angelina Jolie, Gimme a break. Fake photo? That would be so rediculous to make a phony of this pic. Ever stupid. Why is that 2 people can't just take a pic together? Who cares who it is.. is it really that impossible? noo.


I feel pity for Brad Pitt.
Angelina jolie how you will be faithful? jajajjaj
Here in Latin America we make fun of Brad Pitt
after he deceived
deceived is now
everything is paid in this life.
Compare a picture of Brad Pitt before he married Angelina Jolie and now married to her. I’m Latina
I do not speak English, sorry for the spelling and grammar Use translator He is played-out
and is the man who has more antlers in the world. Angelina Jolie is obvious that ordain to Brad Pitt and treats him as stupid …. jajajjajajaj I feel pity for Brad Pitt.
I’m Latina
I do not speak English, sorry for the spelling and grammar Use translator Could angelina jolie bribe with sex to Film Critics to receive nominations or prizes in Golden Globes, Oscar?
I’m Latina
I do not speak English, sorry for the spelling and grammar Use translator


Oh god... get ready for more Justin Bieber Jibber Babble. Ready, GO!!!


thats what i was just saying someone fixed it to look like he was by her


This pics isn't real.
It looked like an edited pics so to say.