Jon Gosselin: Just Workin' 9-to-5

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Jon Gosselin is just a regular working stiff nowadays.

Surprisingly, he couldn't be happier with that setup.

His ex-wife may make $250,000 per episode of Kate Plus 8, but Jon's regular job in sales marketing for Global Green Property Services suits him fine.

Jonny G: Regular Guy

GOOFBALL GOSSELIN: Jon's all smiles these days.

Jon has been trying to stop Kate, unsuccessfully, from putting his kids on TLC. He says they have behavior problems from his ex-wife's work demands.

As for his own work? He's doing the 9-to-5 thing.

"Jon's working for Global Green Property Services, which helps properties become more environmentally friendly," an insider tells Life & Style.

"He's doing marketing, which means he goes out to companies and tries to get them to use Global Green. It's a modest job - he doesn't get a huge salary."

Does he ever miss his reality TV, mediocre-girl squiring heyday? No, says the source, who adds that he's quite happy with work and girlfriend Ellen Ross.

"Jon doesn't long for fame at all," says the insider. "He's much more content blending in and being able to live his life without the world watching."


Team Jon All The Way, Love Him.


It was just fine for his kids to be on television as long as he was making the money off of the show. Get off this ban wagon! His behavior since his divorce shows that he is not interested in being the guardian of those children, he just wants attention. Everyone is so critical of Kate, but she gave up her career to take care of those children and when it came time for Jon to do the same thing, he couldn't handle it. Kate was critical of Jon during the original show but from the after math, it is clear that she had reason to be. Just think, one day these kids are going to grow up and will see or read about all of this, what a tragedy.


Give Jon the kids. He obviously cares more for them then she does. They need a normal life which they won't get with Kate.


At least HE is working and not living off his Kids. Would love to see what those grades are in school...I will laugh hysterically when her fame or what she has left of it is over...Better start saving your pennies Kate. As far as she wants to find a man in 2011 besides having Steve on the side...WHO THEY HELL WOULD WNT A SHREW LIKE HER???


Breaking news: Jon quit his new cold call sales job, according to Huffington Post and RumorFix. Reason stated: he can't travel, and needs to stay nearby his children. LOL. What a load of BS. This was an entry level, low pay scale job - no overnight travel involved. He's just shameless - but hilarious.


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