Joan Rivers Labels "Stupid" Sarah Palin a "Threat"

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In President Obama's Tucson speech last week, he said the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords should not be blamed on rhetoric by any person or group, while at the same time calling for a more civil, positive national discourse. Amen.

Joan Rivers apparently missed this memo.

Asked about Palin at the Critic's Choice Awards party in Hollywood, Rivers said people blaming Palin for the Tucson tragedy are right, adding that "this woman is just stupid and a threat." To what? The English language maybe. Beyond that?

Listen to Rivers' absurd comments below:

We're with Palin on this one. The mindless finger pointing has to stop. Taking her to task for her actual actions is one thing. Baseless nonsense like this quite another.

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Sarah Palin is the slickest woman in America. it's all about the money honey. When her books stop selling, her speaking fees go down to $100.00, she will disappear. She is a no mama mama. where is her son, the one who really need her to not be so involved in mess?
One day he will tell her how embarresed he is at her behavior, Todd will divorce her, get half the money since he is not working, Bristol will have another out of wed lock baby,the daughter who gave the finger to a boy during the campaign will fail in s chool. that will be her payback for trying to disrespect our President and First Lady. they ignore her- she is not important enough to keep coming up. let her go- for America. Every woman in America9(intelligent) are sick of her.


Joan, you need to keep a watchful eye on this halfwit, Sarah "Machine Gun" Palin. Shes known to overload her bluebird ass with her alligator mouth. Keep up the good work gal.


"The Hollywood Gossip", your colors are showing... your site may be pink, but your politics are obviously red. If Joan Rivers has no business calling out Sarah Palin, what business do YOU, a gossip site, (an just a so-so one) have calling HER out on HER politics? Sarah Palin says she is harmed by what the left says, yet, magically, her harmful hateful words cause no harm (is that because people on the left are more intelligent than her followers? probably). Is she the ULTIMATE hypocrite? Yes, maybe, but maybe your site is.


Joan's a wonderful comedienne. As such, that doesn't mean she's right about everything. When it comes to money though, she sure knows how to make it.


I completely agree with Joan Rivers. Half Governor Palin borders on being a domestic terrorist.


Joan Rivers needs to shut her flap and check into a flipping nursing home biatch!


Joan rivers is an unintelligent media whore. Palin is a defender of the constitution and the 1st amendment. She has never once called for violence or for action like what has happened in Arizona. We don't need to take collective responsibility for the actions of a murderer. Joan is nothing but a dumb media idiot who judges expensive clothes and should educate herself on what's important. The media liberal unintelligent bias is out of Control and they are trying to destroy the republic and everything this country is made of.


Joan Rivers is an over the hill hag that would do or say anything
to get herself another fifteen minutes in the limelight! She is,
was, and always will be a BITCH!!! She would trade places with
Sarah Palin in a microsecond if she could. Not to help the country, but to get her ugly mug in fron of the camers on a regular basis.


"She was very useful to Israel"


I like both of them. Americans are not as easily categorized as some like to think. joan was just playing to the majority of her fans. if Sarah is stupid, her obsessive detractors may want to find a spine and aim a little higher then. cuz you know, Sarahs 15 minutes are up. again. for the 4 millionth time. its all theater

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