Jillian Harris Has Brad Womack's Back

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Jillian Harris says she fully supports Brad Womack getting a second chance on The Bachelor. She might even be feeling a little jealous of him, in fact.

The Bachelorette star chose Ed Swiderski. That didn't work out.

"I won't lie that when I heard he was getting a second chance, I was a bit green-eyed and thought seriously about hitting my [The Bachelor creator] Mike Fleiss speed dial, demanding he cough up my second chance, too," she writes.

Hot Brad Womack

Jillian also commented on the infamous season premiere slap.

"When Chantal slapped Brad on the The Bachelor season premiere, he responded that he liked her more. I had to hold myself back from leaping through the screen to slap him again! Not because he deserved it, but because he didn't!"

"I am very much on the supporting side of this second chance debate. In fact, I'm floored at the pressure put on Brad by himself, the media, and the girls."

"I have learned a lot this year. No one is perfect, sometimes people just aren't ready, and most importantly, everyone deserves a second chance."

"This is why I was going crazy seeing Brad being so hard on himself. In fact, I was actually starting to get a tad annoyed by it. Don't get me wrong, I've had my heart broken and know the hurt my girls Jenni and Deanna felt three years ago."

"But Brad Womack did something you don't see all the time; he went against the rules of the show and just followed the rules of life."

He also follows the narrative written by the show, and that's to harp on the whole "second chance" angle until he's blue in the face.

That way, no one can accuse him of being blase about it, and America can like him again. At least that's how Mike Fleiss drew it up.

For a look at how it works out for him, check out these Bachelor spoilers now ... but beware, there is major information in there.

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I hope that Brad does meet someone and will be very happy. He made the right decision by not picking Jenni or Deanna. I really thought that Jenni was very sincere and does wish Brad well when she was on the show. As for Deanna, she is still the spoiled, uppity, conceited brat she always was. Where does she get off being so distrustful of Brad? She has no room to talk or judge. She was nasty to Jason and ate up and spit out poor Jessie. She really is a devil.