Jersey Shore Smackdown: Sammi vs. JWoww, Round 2

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In addition to its usual Thursday night fiasco, Jersey Shore airs a special, all-new episode tonight on MTV. Will Sammi take a pounding like last week?

We wouldn't be surprised. No one likes her anymore. Not even Ronnie.

Tonight's episode purports to show the incident that got Snooki arrested this past summer. Girl got so plastered she face-planted in the sand ... in the middle of the freaking day. But Round 3 between Sammi and JWoww is always a possibility too.

Here's Round 2 from last Thursday - in slo-mo! Brace yourself ...

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wow jenni kicked her ass. sammi thinks she can fight but reallly she cant that stupid bitch


i like jersey i watch it all da tyme i like everybody accept for sammi shes so retarded jwoww juss fucked her up..


HAAA! look at Deena in the back! She looks clueless, almost like a dog!


LOL, in slow motion this looks a lot like Simba and Scar's throwdown in the Lion King. Sammi even snarls like Scar does.


come on jenni ! u can do better than that lol u missed how many shots u coulda knee'd her threw some elbows in aha it coulda bin the talk of the season aha but nope,,,,


sammi really needed to get beat up! i don't even think she won the last fight in mia people were holding jwow because they knew jwow would murder her! sammi always complains about how she is so miss treated and how it's three against one bu she completely does it to herself! she's a rude b**** who thinks she's better than every one else and she's not!


Haha Jenni kickd her a** she needed that she thought she was all bad in MIA...