Jennifer Aniston: Adopting a Baby**!!

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Yearning to be a mom for years on end, but doomed by fate to become Hollywood's resident lonely girl, Jennifer Aniston is totally adopting a kid! By herself!

Who needs a man in her life? Jen wants this and no critic is going to stop her. The papers are signed. The nanny is lined up. Take that, Brad and Angelina!

Who better than BFF Courteney Cox to guide her along the way? According to an orphanage official, Jen is now the proud parent of a baby from Mexico.

So congrats, Jen. We knew this dream would one day come true!

** - NOTE: None of this is true at all. Star is full of crap as usual.

Yes, She's Adopting!

"Yes, I'm adopting!" said a random girl who once shook Jen's hand.


I think all the writers went to the FOX News School of Journalism. Who cares if what they report is true, Americans love to be lied to.


WOW Missy, you said a whole lot that didn't make sense!!
First, money had nothing to do with what the nationality of the child you would like to adopt. Second, you may have a point about wanting the same nationality as the child you adopt but it is not the only requirement from the agency. It use to be important for the child's sake but they are more lenient recently and it is not the end all be all. Third, ANY child that gets adopted has a better future than where they were at so who gives a flying fuck what nationality the child is!! Get over whatever issues you have or else your life is going to suck!!


@missy : your a stupid bitch! Im mexican & proud! Hah dumb brod!


@ missy: that just sounds fuken racist. what are you trying to say? that mexican/black babies/people aren't intelligent or wtf? and didn't you fucken says the story is fake. and just so you know mexican/black aren't stupid so just the shut the fuck up. now i don't know if you're a racist person or you just didn't use the right words, but if you aren't racist then watch out with what you fucken write next time. for reals wtf!


Why a Mexican baby ? Because they are cheaper...She has millions, she could afford to adopt a Russian child if she wanted to. They are far more expensive than Black or Mexican babies but atleast the kid would resemble her and be intelligent.


J.A. ain't hardly giving up her cover girl lifestyle, to start changing diapers.


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