Jenna Jameson on Chelsea Handler: What a Dried Up Old Wh*re!

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Jenna Jameson was apparently far from pleased when Chelsea Handler referred to her as "raunchy" in a Glamour magazine article last month.

Nor does Jenna take kindly to Chelsea singling out children in her comedy material. The legendary adult film star summed up her feelings on Twitter.

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Never one to pull any punches, Jameson Tweeted: "Chelsea handler makes fun of peoples kids... Probably because she's a dried up old whore."

OFF THE HANDLER: 50 Cent isn't the only one feeling screwed by Chelsea.

When some didn't take kindly to her word choice, Jenna said: "So funny, I can't have an opinion on cheese handler? She calls peoples babies retarded."

"To me... It's not funny. Just cuz I say it like it is...... Don't hate...... She talks massive sh!!t.. Ok, whatever." Then, in response to further criticism ...

"Everyone trying to give me the literal meaning of whore. How do you think she got her job at E!? She dated the president of E!"

"If she can't handle the heat, don't talk shit! Oh, and get a makeup team, you look scroungy."

"Starting a war with a comedian doesn't scare me because she hires writers to be funny. All she has to do is stand there, and we will laugh."

That sound you hear? That sound is of IT BEING ON.

Better watch out though, JJ. She can play rough. Just ask 50 ... or Angelina Jolie. Chelsea will throw around c-bombs without thinking twice.


I am not a big fan of Jameson but the truth is the truth and would be without the name calling. Chelsea Handler has made racist jokes about the Jolie Pitt children on many occasions and I have heard it with my own ears on her show. It is part of why I no longer watch her and I dislike her mean spirited style of comedy. I reall dislike her and her BFF ANiston and feel they are both racist and phoney. (Some will say but she dated a black man. Trust me that does not preclude her being a racist).


Oh and Chelsea is about a million times prettier than Jenna, no matter how much makeup Jenna plasters on her face.


Really? Jenna Jameson, a porn star, is calling Chelsea Handler a whore? She may be a bitch, and she may like to have sex, but a whore is someone who gets paid to have sex...kinda like a porn star!
Yes, Chelsea was wrong to say things about someone's kids, anyone's kids, but I'm sure that when they find out what their Mother is it will hurt a lot more than some randem comedienne insulting them.


chelsea is hilarious! its not about judging n shit like that. its about being real. jenna jameson is nasty.


Apparently Chelsea Handler doesn't have anything better to do with her time other than criticize other people, maybe she needs to clean her own back porch before she starts judging other people.


Oh look who is calling the kettle black!!??

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