Jenelle Evans: Losing Her Baby FOREVER!!

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Never overdramatic by any means, celebrity gossip tabloid OK! has determined that Jenelle Evans, star of Teen Mom 2, is about to be childless. FOREVER.

Teen Mom 2 just got underway, but Jenelle Evans is already creating drama. She was recently charged with breaking and entering and drug possession.

She’s already lost custody of her son, Jace, and she may NEVER be able get him back thanks to her troubled relationships and hard-partying lifestyle ...

Losing Her Baby FOREVER

TROUBLED TEEN MOM, TOO: You've got company, Amber Portwood.

Police say they found the Oak Island, N.C., resident with a bag of marijuana and a pipe in a vacant house on October 15, waiting for boyfriend Kieffer Delp.

Both were arrested, and the case is expected to go to court next month. Her fate could determine her future with Jace. Sadly, it's not her first legal woe.

In the past two years, she has also been arrested for trespassing and ran away from home (for long enough that missing person reports were filed). Yikes.

Maybe it's best if Jace lives with his grandparents for awhile ...


I found this page on the "Jenelle and Jace" fanpage on Facebook. Apparently, Jenelle runs the page and it is amazing to me all the young girls on there who defend her behavior and say that she is the "best mom out of all the teen moms". They defend the fact that she did drugs during pregnancy and still does, blames her mother for the abuse, and say she has a right to go out whenever she wants. IF this is what the youth of america is coming to, that is a scary thought, and if anyone thinks her behavior is okay and just part of the learning process, then you yourself do not ever need to have any children. Truly tasteless.


There is a difference between being a young mom (or any age mom) who is learning, and flat out not caring. Anyone who puts partying, getting high, friends, and going out before their kids is DISGUSTING. We all see firsthand on the show exactly what kind of person she is. I don't need to know her on a personal level to see that she doesn't care about her mom, doesn't care about her kid, and is just about the most selfish person I have ever seen. I don't care how old you are....leaving your kid while you go party even just one day a week is SELFISH. Once you have a baby, your youth is gone. No more teenage's a sacrifice that you make when you opt to lay down and make a child. This girl is just a disgrace. Watching the first episode made my stomach turn at what a disrespectful, uncaring, spoiled brat she is. I hope she does lose her child. She is neglectful and does not deserve to have him until she cleans up her act.




she is a good mom she is young and will make mistakes and her mom has temp custody of jace


Making up things to make the world ready magazine.... Eh


I watched yestersday's episode and I was more than annoyed with jenelle's behaviour. you're not suppose to act that way and claim to be capable of raising your kid. you're not making yourself look good young lady.


The way she treats her mom is disgusting! She should be on the A&E show "beyond scared straight"! She needs some kinda help

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