Jenelle Evans: Losing Her Baby FOREVER!!

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Never overdramatic by any means, celebrity gossip tabloid OK! has determined that Jenelle Evans, star of Teen Mom 2, is about to be childless. FOREVER.

Teen Mom 2 just got underway, but Jenelle Evans is already creating drama. She was recently charged with breaking and entering and drug possession.

She’s already lost custody of her son, Jace, and she may NEVER be able get him back thanks to her troubled relationships and hard-partying lifestyle ...

Losing Her Baby FOREVER

TROUBLED TEEN MOM, TOO: You've got company, Amber Portwood.

Police say they found the Oak Island, N.C., resident with a bag of marijuana and a pipe in a vacant house on October 15, waiting for boyfriend Kieffer Delp.

Both were arrested, and the case is expected to go to court next month. Her fate could determine her future with Jace. Sadly, it's not her first legal woe.

In the past two years, she has also been arrested for trespassing and ran away from home (for long enough that missing person reports were filed). Yikes.

Maybe it's best if Jace lives with his grandparents for awhile ...

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hi JENELLE you have not a nice she not with work


Her mom didn't let her do anything... (cant pick out his clothes or even change his diapers) i dont think her behavior is great or perfect no one is... she should stop partying but if her mom kicked her out with her son i think she might, just maybe pull her-self together for the sake of her child...i'm pretty sure she loves him to death...


woww, jenelle is somewhat like amber. I mean jenelle has did things in her life before her baby, and teenager all make mistakes. But my gosh jenelle for the love of &*!#@, why r u acting like that? your a mom, and u r making a complete fool of yourself. I am a teen mom myself and i didnt do the things that jenelle did, she was lucky her mom put up with her crap, cause i couldnt talk to my mom or even try to hit my mom the way she did her mom. She is bringing shame to the teen moms who r actuallt taking responsibility of their actions, n r making us look bad. I do watever it takes to make my son happy, and i will do what i have to do to make sure he is good. Nobody isnt saying that she couldnt go out but have a limit to that, u have a child. She was responsible enough to lay u and have the baby she is supposed to b even more responsible to take care of jace. Jace im srry u deserve better.


Jenelle is definitely out of control, her mom does antagonize her a lot they both have problems and need major help. The poor baby doesn't belong in the middle of all that drama the court should take him away there are plenty of families that could give him a stable home. At this rate the baby will more than likely be crime spreeing by age 5.


Jenelle isn't going to win any mother of the year awards any time soon, but her mother is a pain in the ass. I'm not justifying Jenelle's behavior, but her mother grabbing Jace out of her arms and being unnecessarily confrontational with Jenelle in front of Jace, that's not healthy, either.


I was a Teen mom got pregnant at 16 as soon as i became pregnant i gave up all the things i did. and i never acted like that! im a proud Mom...She really need's to get her act together and one day she's gonna realize what she's lost.. TRUE LOVE a child will always have true love for their parents.


i fucken hate that stupid bitch she a fucken bad mother
she goes party and smoke pot when she has a son
is her fault not using a condom and get prego
I wish i could fuck her up and is fucken up treating her mom
like that when what her mom says is true about her!
poor kid!! fuck that stupid bitch!


If you had seen & actually watched teen mom 2. Jenelle actually tried taking care of her child, but her mom wouldn't let Jenelle feed him or change his diapers & as Jenelle was holding her son her mother just grabbed him out of her arms. I would flip shit too if someone grabbed MY child out of my hands. No wonder she smokes weed. Her mom stresses her ass out. I'm not saying it is "okay" to smoke weed, but DAMN her mom needs to quit acting like she's the mother of Jace, also it is deffinately not right when Jenelle yelled & pushed her mother, but at the same time i think anyone would do that to the person that was going to "try" & take your child away from you. I know i would.


She is a bad mother she don't deserve jace and janelle shouldn't of opened her legs it was funny in the last episode when janelle picked up jace and he started crying cuz he wanted grandma instead ha ha its sad when your son don't even wanna be held by you janelle is pathetic


Poor little boy. He is precious and has such a horrible mother. I feel even worse for the grandmother who works and takes are of the baby 24/7 while this immature little brat goes off and parties without thinking about the consequences. I hope she does lose custody.....because raising a child in a volatile atmosphere such as this detrimental. I couldnt believe that she shoved her mom in the premiere episode....looked a lost worse than when Amber pushed Gary....crazy beotch.