Jenelle Evans Dumps Kieffer Delp; Teen Mom 2 Star Reflects on Facebook

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend/partner in crime, Kieffer Delp, have called it quits - and she wants to make it quite clear who dumped who.

"he seen the light of day? nahh, i brokeup with HIM. get it straight. im not upset. i did it for the better of myself. i do better when single," she Facebooked.

"yu guys will see that in episode 2. it really isnt hitting me hard at all. idk why, just isnt. the breakup with andrew was wayyy more intense then this."

Jenelle Evans, Son

POOR JACE: Seriously. That poor little fella.

Troubled Jenelle is scheduled to appear in court on felony drug and breaking and entering charges (and speeding, for good measure) in the coming weeks.

The heiress apparent to Amber Portwood was last seen slugging her own mom on this week's debut episode of Teen Mom 2, which premiered Tuesday.

Evans apparently parties instead of caring for 9-month-old son Jace, and leaves him in the care of mom Barbara, resulting in the occasional brawl for the ages.

Cue the rumors of her losing her baby forever, In Touch.


I think Jenelle needs her mom to support her and not put her down. I've delt with custody battles b-4 and Jenelle should be able to take baby Jace places that way her mom can trust her with him. That's jenelles baby not Barbara's. They need to learn to get along for Jaces sake .


Why is this girl even concerned with whodumped who or what the world thinks of it? She has way bigger problems to deal with. Such as the fact that she (rightfully) does not have custody of her son and that she has felony criminal charges pending against her. Why in the hell is she even at all concerned with this petty crap. Stop only thinking about yourself for one second Jenelle and think about your innocent child for a change!!


My name is rebecca robinson i watch teen mom everytime it comes on i'm 20years old and have a husband a 17month old son and a baby on the way. Your mom does everything for your son and all you do is go out. Don't you think you need to stay home half of the time and respect your mother? after all that is her house not yours and you stay there rent free. You should be very greatful for the help you get.


Her and her Mom are some backwood,trailer trash, sluts!!! I mean seriously, it's like two rocks talking to each other!!! I'm sure her baby will grow up to be a smart one. Awesome, more retards for my tax dollars to support.


Ugh she's trash!!! She needs to go on maury's bootcamp for out of control teens!!!! Hahahaha :)


I live in Oak Island NC too. Jenelle is the joke of this town and anyone who watches the show around here hates the girl. She worked at a local bar here for awhile and anytime I was there and saw her she was outside alone sitting against a wall smoking with a miserable mean look on her face. N when they show her at that bar bull riding its a 50 minute drive from the Island n all that place is is a giant grind fest digusting redneck bar.


That girl is troubled. Alomost all the teen moms got it together but her. I bet that's why mtv chose her. To see that pont of view. Maybe she'll grow up before its too late. Luckily jace has barbera!

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