Jenelle Evans Dumps Kieffer Delp; Teen Mom 2 Star Reflects on Facebook

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend/partner in crime, Kieffer Delp, have called it quits - and she wants to make it quite clear who dumped who.

"he seen the light of day? nahh, i brokeup with HIM. get it straight. im not upset. i did it for the better of myself. i do better when single," she Facebooked.

"yu guys will see that in episode 2. it really isnt hitting me hard at all. idk why, just isnt. the breakup with andrew was wayyy more intense then this."

Jenelle Evans, Son

POOR JACE: Seriously. That poor little fella.

Troubled Jenelle is scheduled to appear in court on felony drug and breaking and entering charges (and speeding, for good measure) in the coming weeks.

The heiress apparent to Amber Portwood was last seen slugging her own mom on this week's debut episode of Teen Mom 2, which premiered Tuesday.

Evans apparently parties instead of caring for 9-month-old son Jace, and leaves him in the care of mom Barbara, resulting in the occasional brawl for the ages.

Cue the rumors of her losing her baby forever, In Touch.

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i dont like or mom


I think Jenelle just needs a better mother to help her and not bring her down! I was 16 and I had my son my mom was the same way and it sucked so I no how Jenelle is felling, the best thing for her is to get her own place and fight for her son back, I'm now 18 and don't live with my mom and she still trys to controll everything. JENELLE I LOVE YA GIRL & I BELIVE N U AN I NO U CAN DO BETTER!!!


I think everyone realizes that Jenelle is really irresponsible but at the same time, her mom belittles her and treats her terribly! No wonder she turned out the way she did, her psycho mom made her that way!


first of all is kieffer black, mexican or some kind of indian? reguardless your an idiot jenelle lol i watch you on your show just to laugh at you i think your a terrible mom


I feel bad for Janelle her mother does nothing but put her down and treat her horrible! What I think is the motehr wants to start over with Jace since she screwed up so badly with Janelle!


I like Jenelle and think that she needs a place of her own with her baby. Her mother is just in the way and smothering her and won't let her learn anything.


Jenelle needs 2 get hur life together
If she doesn't she's never gnna get jace bak n he's gnna grow up calling his grandma his mom




get it 2geather!!


Wow I feel bad for this chic, she is so depressed and miserable she has to go wild use drugs I dnt kno, I was a young mom I did my shit, but I learned I hope she gets her act together, bit she does need her moms support, its hard having to do everything on your own with no friends or even yoir mother, I hav faith in her you hav to fall hard in order to get back up again. And I think she is going to turn around soon, people dnt hate!!! U dnt kno wat a like she has had, thts just immature if your a mom u should kno the rough times we go threw, she should b thnkful for her mother but her mom needs to respect her daughter. And if she doesn't change well the the grandma has custody he will grow up fine, hope she turns her life around.

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