Jenelle Evans Dumps Kieffer Delp; Teen Mom 2 Star Reflects on Facebook

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend/partner in crime, Kieffer Delp, have called it quits - and she wants to make it quite clear who dumped who.

"he seen the light of day? nahh, i brokeup with HIM. get it straight. im not upset. i did it for the better of myself. i do better when single," she Facebooked.

"yu guys will see that in episode 2. it really isnt hitting me hard at all. idk why, just isnt. the breakup with andrew was wayyy more intense then this."

Jenelle Evans, Son

POOR JACE: Seriously. That poor little fella.

Troubled Jenelle is scheduled to appear in court on felony drug and breaking and entering charges (and speeding, for good measure) in the coming weeks.

The heiress apparent to Amber Portwood was last seen slugging her own mom on this week's debut episode of Teen Mom 2, which premiered Tuesday.

Evans apparently parties instead of caring for 9-month-old son Jace, and leaves him in the care of mom Barbara, resulting in the occasional brawl for the ages.

Cue the rumors of her losing her baby forever, In Touch.

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is kieffer mixed black and white?


just leave that ugly thing looks like his breathe stinks in every show. ole dunb fucker.Kieffer


janelle just needs to learn how to grow up, simple as that she needs to know she only has one responsibility in life and thats jace. poor little guy, he's so adorable! she's learning about life the hard way and unfortunatly she is making bad decisions for herself. try to be a little more optimistic janelle and get your head out the clouds you have to crack down and mature, seriously...


janelle you need to no that is it always going to b you and that baby stop going to the guys let them come to you and trust me the right one will come to you and not bring you down i no i am a mom two but fame changes people and dont let it change you


Ugh jenelle gets on my nervess.why does she keep on goin to her dum ass bf when hes nothing but a piece of shitt.she needs to straight up and stay home with her baby andd her mom.she looks so stupid on tv


If you wanna watch this video i can give you a link
I also watch it here


How easy it is to blame the mom. Is she perfect? Not even close. That said, Jenelle needs to start growing up. To the poster who said Jenelle just wants to be with her friends, should go out when Jace is sleeping etc, well sweetie, she should have thought about that hen she was getting pregnant. A baby changes things. The mom, barbara, can only be to blame for so long, then Jenelle has to take responsibility for her own actions. My dad always said everyone on earth has a sad story, the thing is, what do you do with it? You can take your said story and let it be a reason to change your life, become a better stronger person, or you can use it to excuse yourself for being a worthless whining bum. Seems to me Jenelle has chasen the second one. Barbara may not be much but she is a damn site better for that baby than Jenelle is.


Jenelle always seems to have an excuse for her actions. She's always blaming her mother for her problems as well. No one is forcing her to live at home. It seems that she cares more about being a "teenager" than a mother. Should she sit home at night when her baby is asleep? YES. This is her child, not her mother's. She has never taken the responsibility as a mother. She wants to try to be a mother when the baby is awake and when he's asleep she wants to go back to being a teen. That's not how it works. Now that she has a baby in her life, her life should revolve around him and not her social life. Suck it up girl and take some responsibility! Be accountable for your actions!


Lets face it...all of the girls on Teen Mom are from broken, low income, uneducated families and this show and its producers are taking advantage of them. I was a single mother and the last thing I needed was a camera in my face during such a difficult time. Years from now they are all going to look back at this footage and regret the decision they made to be on the show. I wish them all the best, but the best thing they can do for themselves and their children is get off of this show.


If you think she is bad wait till the upcomming season. they saved all the minorties for this show. I heard there was a crack bust in the first episode. In another episode a mother takes her kid to jack a truck full of afroscheen.

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