Is Khloe Kardashian Pregnant?

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Khloe Kardashian spends every other interview talking about motherhood.

But might the new red head finally have stopped talking about the subject and stared doing something (read: boning!) about it?

An insider tells The New York Post that Khloe "has been hiding a tell-tale bump behind flowing dresses and oversized handbags." This source points to her outfit at last week's People's Choice Awards as evidence, meaning readers can decide for themselves: Is there a fetus under there?

Hiding A Bump?

When Khloe Kardashian gets pregnant, we have a feeling she won't be shy about telling the world.

While tabloids have speculated about a new Kardashian pregnancy for months, there is a legitimate reason for this rumor to be taken with a grain of salt slightly smaller than Khloe's boobs:

She and Lamar Odom have signed on for a new reality show. And what better way to guarantee interesting storylines that to squeeze out a cousin for Mason Dash?

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The post for Kim and march first the first sentence was supost to say I THINK KHOLE WOULD MAKE A GREAT MORTHER AND SHE LOVE BABY MASON SO MUCH THAT IS WHY SHE WOULD MAKE A GREAT MOM


Khole would make a great mother because she live baby mason soo much
I know I do I love the whole family when I grow up I want to be just like Khole,kouter and kim because I think they are so and I saw the new dash store In new york because I live there and I p


I have just recentley grown to like the show Keeping Up With The
Kardashains and I think Khole would make a wonderful mother, so if she is indeed expecting good for her!


th kardashians ownd everythin man...............wotelse u gonna add 4 thm? I lov ya hatrs


jeeeeeze!lord ve mercy...jealousy ll get i lyk kardashian thyre innoccnt so u guys shud leave thm alne n mind yo own business demett...


I wish u the best kloe and lamar im sure u will let us know when a new member is coming on the way. and to all the haters its nice to know that u say that u dont care and this and that about kloe and her family but it seems to me that they own ur mind cuz u wouldnt be talking smack so just go do something with ur lifes. kloe god bless u with obiously more fame and happiness and make sure u keep that smile on ur face to that the haters can keep on giving u that attention girl cuz that just means more money in ur pocket hahaha. much love go kloe! go kloe!


Why are all u lames ass ppl hating on the kardashians? Their smart, beautiful, and successful. And so wat if their parents paid for them to go to college! Isn't that what parents do,, fucking idiots,ppl just mad bcuz they can't b like them, stop hating and get a fucking hobby or something!how bored can ur life b, all u muthafuckas that's writing bad shit about them can go to hell,hahahaha losers!


Ok there missy. How did they get the money to open there stores? How did they get to go to college without goin into debt? Gee let me think probably their family paid for it. And about them running their stores I doubt it there to busy with a lame ass show that I don't even understand why you made me sit and what that crap. There not that interesting really. And the only one who is remotely a star of any reality is kim cause she had some stupid sex tap with some guy and it "accidentally" leaked to the public. Do I hear a cry for attention I think so. Love you babes see you at home


Ok douche. and yes you know who im talking to. Thats not all theyre famous for. you obviously dont know anything about them. do your research before you open your mouth.Theyre dad has nothing to do with theyre fame. Jealous much? a tv show is just a plus. true, they are famous for being famous but they also work like everyone else. they own stores and shit and actually work in them themselves! your just mad because they work AND have a tv show AND are famous for it. and honestly not many people know theyre daddy was an OJ lawyer. So that really has nothing to do with it. So thanks once again for thinking you know what you dont and being mean to pretty girls that arent stick thin with big boobs. Thats the only reason you probably dont think theyre hott. ASSHOLE! id like to add classic man to the end of that. :)


Who am I to say anything negative about it? They seem like they'll make great parents! Congrats :)