Howard Stern on Jay Leno: What a Crook!

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Howard Stern is not a fan of Jay Leno.

That's not exactly breaking news. But his tirade against Leno in his interview with Piers Morgan, set to air tonight on CNN, takes it to a new level.

The Sirius radio jock, who's made his feelings on The Tonight Show host known in the past, says Leno is "not fit to scrub David Letterman's feet."

Among Stern's complaints? Jay ganks jokes.

"Jay is insane. And Jay is a crook. And the world knows exactly what he's up to. He steals a tremendous amount of material," Stern told Morgan.

"This guy's ripped off like 10 major things from my show. I don't know how [Leno's] beating David Letterman in the ratings... America must be filled with morons who at night lay in bed... the ones who are watching him must be in a coma."

Yup, sums it up pretty well, we'd say.


This jackal has a hampster stuck inside his neck.


Who is he? He looks like the human fly, only ugler. What's with the big wig? This dude is all f'd up!


EEEWWW hate this douche!! Thought he was dead


Stern is such a dinosaur. If you took all comments he's made over the years, put them in a hat, mixed them all around and took each one out, one by one and read each one not being able to know what year each comment was from. They would all sound the same. This person is a moron, or is in a coma. Same old stuff. By the way, Howard, who have you stolen from? I'm sure the list is long and distinguished.


Whatever loser!!

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