Howard K. Stern Conviction: Dismissed By Judge!

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Howard K. Stern was expected to be formally sentenced in court today after being convicted by a jury of his peers last year on charges of conspiracy.

Instead, in a shocking turn of events, the judge threw out the case.

Despite a conviction on charges related to Anna Nicole Smith's death - prosecutors argued, and a jury concurred, that he conspired to fuel the late model's drug habit - Stern's conviction was baseless in the mind of the judge, who tossed it.

FREE MAN: Howard K. Stern was (somehow) vindicated today.

This marked a repudiation of sorts for newly-inaugurated California Gov. Jerry Brown, who spent millions as Attorney General going after Stern in the case.

Judge Robert Perry found that Stern never had criminal intentions when he used his name and others to protect Smith's privacy in obtaining prescriptions.

Perry also found that Dr. Khristine Eroshevich was acting out of concern for Smith in doing the same and commuted her sentence to a year of probation.

The ruling marks the denouement of a long-running drama centering on the blonde beauty's troubled life, which was stranger than any fiction you'll read.

In addition to the legal case against Stern, he and Larry Birkhead were locked in a battle to claim paternity of Smith's daughter Dannielynn (Larry won).

Years before she passed away, Anna Nicole Smith was involved in an epic battle for the nine-figure estate of her late husband, J. Howard Marshall.

What do you think? Should Stern's conviction have been upheld?


there is always things not known to the media and immediate family with these people.dont believe everything u read .i think that things were alot diffrent than what all was told.i think that nicole could have gotten off the drugs,she tried when she was pregnaunt and he put her back on them instead of helping her. and if he loved her and that baby, and was claiming her to be his then why did he put the babys life in jeapordy,wake up people.she was beautiful,got attention,and had means for money of course he loved her!!! i still think hes a creep.


It was always obvious, at least to me, his love for Anna was genuine. While his actions were at times misguided, I believe he was attempting to help her in anyway he could. As it is with most addicts, the loved ones around them tend to enable them without even recognizing what was going on. I have no doubt, the last thing Howard wanted was to lose Anna and I have no doubt he still suffers to this day at losing her. Unfortunately, her addiction was way out of control long before her death and it would probably not have mattered what he did, she was gonna get her drugs no matter what. While I do believe in accepting personal responsibility, sometimes you have to realize that there was nothing anyone could do, she was on a downhill slide going full speed ahead.


It is over Howard and family!!!
over and finish .
Vergie won't come against you anymore and Danielynn will have a normal life thanks God!!
You never fail in your promess,always stand up Proud of you Howard K Stern.
Go take good times in Bahamas you deserve it!!!


I believe he loved her but enabled her. I Think he would have done anything fir her but unfortunate when an Addict finds somebody who will do anything it usually Turns our the way this did. Shame. But don't think he should have went to jail either


I have always believed that this man truly loved Anna and because he was willing to do ANYTHING for her he fell into the trap she set for so many in her quest for drugs, self worth and happiness. I feel for Howard. I hope tha Larry allows him to be a part of Dani's life.


Scum or not... Cali. needs to save the $$$


He is scum and deserves to be in trouble. No one held a gun to his head to ILLEGALLY obtain prescriptions in his name for Anna Nicole Smith! He did it on his own accord so she would continue to pay him. Granted it's nice the good tax Paterson don't have to pay for him to rot in jail but it unfortunately means no justice for Anna and her poor daughter has to grow up knowing her mom was killed by these sick sadistic people


Howard K. is innocent man who didn't hurt anybody in his life. Anna Nicole used and abused her friends to get what she wanted. She was very cruel person who had no respect or love for anybody. She was responsible for Daniel's death because she exposed him to drugs, alcohol. Larry Birkhead said at the Daniel's Inquest that Anna gave her son ecsatsy and methadone. She was not a good role model for young women. Perhaps her daughter will have decent life and normal childhood. Unfortunately, Daniel had no opportunity to have normal chilhood.


Good. The judge did the right thing. Good luck Howard. Some of us know that you're the only man who truly loved Anna.

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