Happy Birthday, Tiffany Pollard!

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Tiffany Pollard is making a comeback, folks. The former reality star and giant-breasted woman is in the news today for three reasons:

  1. She covers the latest issue of Bleed.
  2. She turns 29.
  3. She's hilarious.

Pollard hasn't done much since she went to work on VH1 in 2009, but here's hoping this isn't the last time we write about her. Possessing as much talent as Kim Kardashian, New York is one sex tape away from making it big! She's awaiting your birthday wishes.

Covering Bleed
T. Pollard

Well..I know Tiffany personally abs she is a beautiful and kind hearted woman. Remember, reality TV is mostly hype--she is a sweet person!


is this what you do to other female white stars that's trying to make it as a star grow up and let people live as they choose


i had a good laugh at the person that said she looks like an ape and a tranny! iv'e ALWAYS thought that she looked like both of those! what an ugly, ugly woman.


Hey girl u need 2 come back n let al this hating ass people keep hating on u that life i rather have u on tv then kim now that a fake as bitch so come back n take over


Please, someone get this girl back on t.v. so I can start laughing again!


happy b-day ma. I don't care what nobody says u the sh__. Bump all the haters and keep doing u cause u do it so well. Just sending u some love from all the way down in the virgin islands. And tell that hating bastard at least u would get the call to stand in for the ape but if it was left them the world would be apeless, and no one mangles a white woman like a ape. Lol. Ay i'm talking smack but on the real keep doing u!


what a skank


Yo! New York! I'm ur biggest fin. I thought u were something diifferent... then what u r. Total surpired me. I liked u from the from the first season of "favor..." u, go girl, keep it up!;-)


I Love you new york!!! love ur biggest fan dreama!!!!!


Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! Tiffany you look like a fucking ape.Not much evolution went on in your side of the family did it? You're just 29!!!!!!!!!! i THOUGHT YOU'D BE TURNING 40 THIS YEAR. YOU LOOK THAT OLD BITCH!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god for those implants because before u were using your breasts to wipe your knees.
You have no talent except if monkeys are scarce at the zoo then u could stand in.
Furthermore, u look like a transvestite on steroids. I'm so sorry trannies, that's disrespectful 2 u. U guys look way better than this ugly bitch any day.

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Tiffany Pollard Biography

Tiffany Pollard, Boobs
Tiffany Pollard is also known as "New York." She was a contestant on Flavor of Love and then got her own spin off show, titled "I Love... More »
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Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany Pollard Quotes

I think love can work on television, in the laundromat, anywhere.

Tiffany Pollard

People get hooked. They want to see what's going to happen, who's going home. With some of the shows, you get to see people open up and be themselves.

Tiffany Pollard [on reality shows]