Happy Birthday, Oprah!

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Oprah has been in the news a lot lately. No, even more than usual.

Welcoming First Lady Michelle Obama to her show, introducing her half-sister and preparing to OWN us all, 2011 has been a banner year for her so far.

Today, however, Winfrey is only in the news because it's January 29th - also Adam Lambert's birthday. Here's wishing the talk show queen a happy 57th!

Oprah. One of few stars famous enough to go by first name only.

Leave a comment with your birthday greetings for this entertainment icon and follow the jump to relive her emotional introduction of her long-lost relative:


just wanted to say Happy Birthday Oprah....i have watched you for years and you are the greatest....i admire you and your strenght so very much....Kudos to Strong women in todays world....xoxoxoxoxo


HAPPYBIRTH DAY OPRAH.u r ma role model


happy b-day oprah


Birthday Best to Lady O', You have taken your viewers around the globe with you.
You have educated and entertained us.
As you mark this most celebrated of all birthdays,including sharing with all of us your most recent gift of a family reunion with Patricia.
I will remind you that you are loved and appreciated for all that
you are, and for all that you give to others.
Keep up the good work,blessings of prosperity and abundance with your OWN Network, and as my friend "Miss Rona" would say "keep thinking the good thoughts"!!!


Happy Birthday Oprah! You don't look a day over 30...Have a special day, you're a special lady!


Happy Bdayy Oprahhh :D


happy birthday o my stepgrandfather watch you all the time


Happy birthday oprah. Love you


Happy Birthday! enjoy the day with your new sister.


Happy Birthday sweetie.

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