Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About Postpartum Depression

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Gwyneth Paltrow stars in the upcoming movie Country Strong.

But after this actress' second child was born, Paltrow said she reached the lowest, weakest point of her life.

"I felt like a zombie. I couldn't access my heart. I couldn't access my emotions. I couldn't connect," Paltrow says in the February issue of Good Housekeeping.

Paltrow added that this was the antithesis of what she felt when daughter Apple as born in 2004.

"It was terrible, it was the exact opposite of what had happened when Apple was born," Gwyneth says of welcoming Moses into the world. "With her, I was on cloud nine. I couldn't believe it wasn't the same. I just thought it meant I was a terrible mother and a terrible person."

Husband Chris Martin came to his wife four months after their son was born and was the first to mention the term "postpartum depression."

"I thought postpartum depression meant you were sobbing every single day and incapable of looking after a child," Paltrow says. "But there are different shades of it and depths of it, which is why I think it's so important for women to talk about it. It was a trying time. I felt like a failure."

The actress says her dark days are over, however, and she's loving life as a mother. Let's hope others suffering from this disease can also recognize it and find ways to move on.


Gwyneth is not a publicity hound. The idea that she would wait to tell her story to a well respected magazine like Good Housekeeping
only intensifies the fact that she opened up to a reading audience who would identify, understand and be educated about this depression that occurs when a mother should be her happiest
after giving birth to a newborn child. Brooke Shields and Marie Osmond are two entertainers who have opened up to experiencing this depression.
Brooke wrote a memoir titled "Down Came The Rain" My Journey Through Postpartum Depression. TGH @ Hilton Hater:
Thank you for the public service awareness that you have passed on to your readers by including Gwyneth Paltrow's story. Even though this is primarily an entertainment site,there is a wealth of information that is passed on to your everyday readers.




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