George Clooney Fights Off Malaria

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George Clooney recently came down with malaria.

It's the second bout of the disease for the actor, who will appear on Piers Morgan Tonight Friday and who recently returned from Sudan, where he's been calling for diplomacy against that nation's potential genocide.

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Clooney is using the opportunity to point out the significant differences between how fortunate we have it in the United States compared to third world countries struggling for survival. As he recovers, the star said in a statement:

“This illustrates how with proper medication, the most lethal condition in Africa, can be reduced to bad ten days instead of a death sentence."


sorry for mystupid english i didn't have to much change to write so i mean to asking him to take very good care of himself...think about himself before another....thank you.


i wish i can tell him to slowdown about anykind of drink that not good for his health ....pls try to drink more healty drink for your body...i dont said you are getting not youngger so would you pls taking very good care of difficult to me to heard that you got something bad for yourself while youtry to help another people....pls thank care of youself...


I think that George Clooney is the Gary Grant of our generation. He
works tirelessly to help to get relief and better living standards
for people who are experiencing the worst that their lives have to offer. Along with his pals Don Cheadle and Brad Pitt they are always making themselves available to help people in other countries who do not have a voice. Hopefully George will follow doctor's order and get well soon.
Sean Penn is another actor/activist who has been in Haiti helping with relief efforts every since last January 2010.


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