Gary Shirley Starting Dad-Daughter Clothing Line

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Rotund Teen Mom baby daddy and frequent punching bag Gary Shirley is working on a new clothing line specifically for dads and daughters.

Seriously, this is a real project.

The former fiance of Amber Portwood is calling the line "Gary Time" and the logo will have a "big clock," says a source close to Leah's father.

Gary and Leah Shirley

IT'S GARY TIME: The "big clock" currently reads 14:57.

The Gary Shirley source adds: "The shirts have already been made. He knows he has the platform from Teen Mom and can turn it into something to make money."

That platform also goes by the name Leah. Pray for her.


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Will they come 3 sizes too small like he wears his? I swear, dude shoehorns his 3XL body into a L or XL. That really accentuates those moobs, hoss.


Very cool. I hope it all works out for him and Leah


I wonder if baby Leah will grow up to be obese or overweight...?


Anyone who has seen his attire would not wear anything he designed or promotes.


Cute!! Gary actually really loves him little girl. Unlike Amber!

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