Gary Shirley on Amber Portwood Pregnancy Rumors: It Ain't Mine!

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Rumors are swirling that someone got Amber Portwood pregnant again. Gary Shirley, father of her daughter Leah, is adamant that if that's true, it's not his.

There's no sperm trail for another kid, Gary insists.

He told a friend Monday, "If she was pregnant it wouldn't be mine... If [the pregnancy] is true I will never f**king talk to her again. If she can make the mistake or stupidity to have a baby and not use a condom, it was totally her fault."

Listen to the rotund one's latest phone rant here ...


i think this amber female has problems... she needs help!!! i was a teen mom once and it sure went hella better than her dramatic story and i wasnt on tv.. she just want to get attn.. how sad!!!


I agree on its both the male and the female to know to wear a condom, if your not wanting to get pregnant again... But if she is pregnant its prolly most likely that state or someone will have this baby. scence Gary has Leah, and the dude that is suposly baby #2 daddy, if there is baby #2, suposly gave his baby up for adoption, so yeah..... And also if she didnt want people to know bout her beating Gary then she shouldn't didn't and it sont make a damn if cameras are rollin or not, if i was him i would put her in her place.......... You put yourself in a mans position than they have a right to do something about it......


Gary isn't the only thing beaten like a Michael Vick dog here. This story itself has been pummeled to death. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


I'm sorry but it is not just her fault for getting pregnant. I mean yeah she should have thought twice and used a condom, but it is also the guys responsibility too. And whos baby is that, that Gary is holding because its not Leah because Leah is a lot bigger than that. Unless this is an old video


Where's the beef? It seems like Mr. Shirley would know better
than to give an interview about Miss Portwood without her written permission. It is a terrible thing that he has become caught up in his own media nightmare.Mr. Shirley is at the point that he needs to stop talking (publicly) about his ex-great love and move on with his own self-improvement.

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